My wife is obsessed with her colleague – are they having an affair?

DEAR DEIDRE: IF I hear the name “Mike” one more time, I’ll lose it with my wife.

They have been workmates for the last year and for the past couple of months she has talked about him every day – from the moment she comes home till the moment she goes to sleep.

He even comes up while we’re watching a film or the news.

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She’s admitted to telling him personal details about us, like the fact I had depression last year – even my best mate doesn’t know that.

I’m pretty sure she tells him when we have sex.

I know Mike’s favourite book, his age, dream job, what he ate for dinner yesterday, and how many tattoos he has.

The only saving grace is that he isn’t as good looking as me. He’s in his mid-30s, while I’m 42 and my wife is 39.

I don’t think they’re having an affair but she is obsessed with him like a teenager with a crush on a pop star.

I’m worried if I say anything critical, it will make him seem even more attractive, and I’ll make myself look insecure.

I can’t bear hearing her talk about him any more.

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DEIDRE SAYS: While it’s good that she talks about him so openly – which suggests she has nothing to hide – this is spoiling your relationship.

For the sake of your own sanity, you need to say something to her. Perhaps she doesn’t realise how much she uses his name.

Choose a quiet moment when things are calm, and tell her you are fed up of hearing about Mike.

Explain it makes you feel second best.

My support pack on Standing up for Yourself should help you to talk about your feelings without making her defensive or apportioning blame.

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