National Sickie Day: The weirdest and worst excuses far calling in sick

National Sickie Day: The weirdest and worst excuses far calling in sick

Today is National Sickie Day, the day of the year when most people in the UK will call in sick to work. Here are some of the weirdest and worst excuses for pulling a sickie

Today, the first Monday in February, is known as National Sickie Day.

When the alarm clock buzzes in the morning, some may have the fleeting thought that they want to call in sick.

While most people resist the urge, today is the day many workers in the UK will cave in.

According to the statistics, the reason many people will call in sick today is because it is the day after Super Bowl Sunday, the first weekend after Dry January, and the first weekend after post-Christmas pay day.

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Aside from that, Mondays are the most popular day for calling in sick.

An estimated number of employees that called in sick on National Sickie Day 2019 was 215,000, according to Employment Law Experts (ELAS).

They predicted it cost the UK economy around £45million, due to lost hours, wages and overtime.

In honour of National Sickie Day 2020 we look at the weirdest and worst excuses for calling in sick.

Researchers at staff management software provider RotaCloud analysed some of the worst excuses across 3,000 businesses.

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The top 10 worst excuses were:

1. Ebola

One woman called in to claim she had Ebola in 2019, despite the last case of the virus in the UK being in 2015.

Her boss told her to call the prime minister and quarantine herself, but she was in work the next day.

2. Allergic to yellow shirts

One worker called his boss to tell him he was allergic to wearing yellow polo shirts, the uniforms at work.

He complained saying the clothing item “made him sick”, and demanded the firm change the colours.

3. Fridge flu

A worker called their manager to say they had caught flu from opening the fridge door at night.

4. Fog inside obscured the alarm clock

An employee called his boss to tell them he couldn’t come in to work because he had left a window open, causing his house to be “too foggy”.

He told his manager the fog was so deep he hadn’t been able to see his clock in the morning.

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5. Cat stole house keys

The worker claimed their cat had run off with their keys and hid it behind the oven.

6. Dog ate glasses

Another employer blamed their pet for not coming into work.

This employee claimed their dog had eaten their glasses and they didn’t want to risk driving to the office without them.

7. Lost voice

One worker called their boss to tell them they had completely lost their voice.

But they did so by “speaking clearly” on the phone.

8. Attacked by a seagull

One worker claimed a pesky seagull bitten her head while she was eating a snack.

She claimed she was so gravely injured she had to go to hospital and wouldn’t be able to come to work.

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9. Silly salmon

An employee called their boss to tell them about their suspected broken rib after leaping while pretending to be a salmon on the beach.

The employee said: "I’m going to the hospital cause I think I've broke my ribs last night when I was jumping at the beach and pretending to be a salmon, I'm sorry x"

10. In prison

A man who had previously consistently high levels of attendance suddenly started taking days off.

His concerned managed eventually found out he had been doing time in prison.

All the time off her been to sign in at the police station ahead of his sentencing.

His dismissal notice was eventually sent to HMP Pentonville in north London.

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