Neil Patrick Harris Launches His New Entertainment And Lifestyle Company ‘Wondercade’

Neil Patrick Harris is taking a detour from acting to start a new entertainment and lifestyle company called Wondercade. Harris is hoping to capture people’s attention with a curated collection of musings, travels, curios, and interviews with celebs.

The new project is coming in the form of a newsletter which he calls, “A weekly dispatch on the culture of curiosity,” and launched this month.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Tony and Emmy award-winning star will cover a plethora of topics that inspire him. You can expect to read Harris’ advice and opinions on entertaining, art, food, travel, design, games, decor, and other lifestyle categories

Harris said he’s always loved entertaining and has a passion for seeking out new experiences ‘whenever and wherever’ possible.

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Expect his family and friends to make cameos as correspondents. Harris’s husband, actor, and chef David Burtka will be providing some of the family’s favorite recipes. Their 10-year-old twins will share their interests, too.

“I’ve always loved entertaining, and I seek out new experiences whenever and wherever I can. While I do enjoy sharing my passions with the world on various social media platforms, I’m supremely thrilled to now have a singular dedicated destination to celebrate the people, places, and things I find interesting,” said Harris.

The actor was inspired to create the new project while at home during the Covid-19 pandemic. Harris said that he drew inspiration from Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand Goop, which initially launched as a newsletter in 2008. He said that he has respect for Paltrow and hopes Wondercade can aspire to be a Gentleman’s Goop.

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He told CNN that he hopes to provide well-researched, valuable content. He also believes people will find joy learning about random nonsense in the process.

“Wondercade’s mission statement is that ‘life should be entertaining’. My hope is that, with Wondercade, we all can eat and drink more tastefully, travel and consume more adventurously, live more stylishly, and just generally be reminded that a life spent in good company is a life well-lived.”

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Sources: CNN, The Hollywood Reporter

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