Netflix Preparing "Hype House" Reality Show About TikTok’s High-Earning Influencers

Social media influencers have taken the world by storm, and there’s a lot of intrigue that surrounds this very new-age, modern way of earning a wildly excessive income. It seems these days, all that kids have to do is find a way to relate to their audience, attract a few million followers, and sit back while they watch the money roll in. The most famous and infamous social media sensations are a part of  a collective that has formed what’s called the ‘Hype House’. Bustle confirms that love them or hate them, they’re about to have an entire Netflix series all their own. They’re also poised to earn millions from this increased exposure.

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The Netflix series has been confirmed, but it has yet to be named. The one thing that fans can bet on for sure is the fact that the members of the Hype House have just guaranteed a significant growth in their exposure, and subsequent income.

The premise of the show is to take a deep dive into the mysterious world that these young men and women seem to flourish in. Their interpersonal relationships will be explored, and of course, the impact of social media exposure and life under the constant scrutiny of the public eye is sure to be explored.

This Netflix series changes the narrative on these stars entirely.

Up until now, they’ve been in command of their audiences. They decide what and when to post, and they are in full control of what sort of content they share with their millions of followers.

The tables will turn with the start of this series.

The lives of these social media sensations are being entirely uprooted, as the producers explore their interpersonal relationships, their personal lives, emotions, and intimate details that they may not otherwise have shared with the world.

Social media exposure is what they initially signed up for, and this series is taking their shared content to an entirely different level.

Hypebeast indicates that; “the series will feature “some of the world’s biggest social media stars including Kouvr Annon, Nikita Dragun, Sienna Mae Gomez, Chase Hudson, Larri Merritt, Thomas Petrou, Alex Warren and Jack Wright.”

The controversy runs deep, as not everyone is a fan of the Hype House or its members, and Bustle has noted that to many, this series is likely to spark a very love-hate relationship among viewers. For the moment, the producers seem quite content with that, realizing that viewership in any form is welcome, and realizing that the dramatic moments will generate even more interest due to their controversial nature.

The date of the premiere has not yet been released.

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