NHS doctor says having big butt and thick thighs can save lives and live longer

A NHS doctor has explained why having a big bottom is a sign for living longer.

Dr Karan Raj, who becomes famous on TikTok with 4.4 million fans, says having a heavy duty derrière and thick thighs can "save lives".

He previously issued a warning for people who spend more than 10 minutes in the toilet, saying that the longer time a person spend trying to poo, the higher risk they can develop haemorrhoids.

While many fans wonder the science behind the bizarre fact, the medical expert said in his video: "Research shows that fat deposited in the gluteofemoral region can reduce the risk of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases in comparison to having more visceral fat around your organs.

"That's because these two types of fat behave differently, visceral fat can wrap around organs and release fatty acids and cytokines, which can cause inflammations, this can damage the heart as well as other things."

But with more "posterior padding", or gluteofemoral fat in scientific terms, the fat is typically distributed under the skin.

"Subcutaneous," Dr Karan noted. "Fat in this region can actually act like a sponge.

"It can store fatty acids and stop it going to the internal organs and causing damage.

"So remember, thick thighs can save lives."

His message has brought joys to many viewers who claimed to have both features, with them joking: "I'm going to live forever, not going anywhere then."

"Yes finally something useful I get from it," another wrote while one sarcastically commented: "Well I guess I should probably go ahead and get my will set up since I might not have long left. I barely even have one…"

Dr Karan gave one more tip: "Fat in gluteofemoral region actually secretes lepton, which regulates appetite and body weight and 'mops up' fatty acids!"

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