Nurses confess what they really think of their job and patients

What your nurse REALLY thinks of you: Medical staff reveal their true feelings with one admitting ‘new mothers are annoying’ while one hates patients who claim their pain is 10/10 but can still chat and eat

  • Nurses from all over the world have opened up on secret sharing site Whisper 
  • Female nurses confess they are tired of dates ‘fantasizing their job’
  •  Some say they are treated ‘like waitresses’, others can’t stand patients’ relatives
  • Another said they’re tempted to give drug addicts sugar pills  

Nursing is recognized as one of the most demanding jobs a person can have- with low pay, long hours and ‘abuse’ from patients, so it’s not surprising that medical staff have very strong opinions about the people they treat. 

Nurses from all over the world have admitted on Whisper what they really think of their job, from patients ‘treating them life waitstaff’ to dates ‘sexualizing their job’. 

Another is ‘tired of druggies coming in for pain medication and said she’s tempted to give them sugar pills instead’. 

One maternity nurse said new mothers are ‘annoying’ but babies are ‘ok’, while another sayid they ‘love their patients but hate their families’. 

And one admitted that they hate not being taken seriously because they are ‘just a nurse’ and not a doctor.

Here, FEMAIL reveals some of the most eye-opening confessions from nurses, that will make you think twice about how you interact with them if you are in hospital any time soon. 

A New York nurse says they have little love for the family members of their patients, but love the patients themselves.

A nurse from Wellington, New Zealand, says she is tired of dates thinking that her job is titillating – and says there is ‘nothing sexy’ about what she does.

A taste of your own medicine: A nurse from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has had enough of ‘druggies’ coming in for pain medication and is tempted to replace the pain meds with sugar pills instead.

A nurse from Warsaw, Missouri, says that they don’t really get any breaks while on shift and sarcastically calls it the ‘best part’

A US nurse says that their patients think that they don’t really feel, but has cried in the bathroom many times in secret, while showing a brave face on the wards

A maternity nurse from Hamilton might be in the wrong job! They admitted that they like babies but new mothers are a different story 

One nurse from the UK said that they don’t like seeing babies upset when they get their vaccines, even though they know it’s for their benefit 

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Can I see a doctor please? A nurse from Beltra, County Sligo, claimed that people question their professionalism because they are not a doctor and ‘disregard’ their medical opinion

Would you like fries with your pain relief? A US based nurse says she feels less like a professional and more like a ‘waitress and a punching bag’

A nurse who hates sick people, vomit and germs: A US nurse hates all the things that come as part of their job

A nurse from the US says they feel more like a ‘butler’ which seems to be a common theme among the secret confessions of many nurses

A 10/10 for lying: A UK nurse says that they ‘hate’ patients who eat, laugh and talk on the phone but claim to have a maximum rating for pain

Playing nurse: A US nurse says she thinks that guys she dates are ‘immature and stupid’ for linking her job to their ‘fantasies’ about nursing

Now where’s my ice cream? A nurse from the US says that they saved a patient’s life but another patient started to ‘yell at them to get an ice cream’

A UK nurse says they are ‘looked down on’ for being empathetic to patients and that their colleagues ‘ridicule’ people for being in pain. Disturbing.

Baby talk: A UK nurse says that patients shouldn’t be spoken to in a baby voice, and that patients are ‘still people who deserve to be treated with respect’

One of the more horrific confessions, and one that seems to happen frequently, is one from Bobbin Head, New South Wales, Australia where a nurse says they feel like they want to quit after being physically ‘assaulted’ by a patient

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