OAP, 82, hits back at claims her 36-year-old Egyptian lover is trying to con her

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An 82-year-old gran who tied the knot to her 36-year-old Egyptian toyboy insists she's not being conned by her lover.

Iris Jones is patiently waiting for Mohamed Ahmed to join her in the UK as he's hoping to be granted a visa by the Home Office.

The couple made headlines when the Brit gran let slip on their saucy bedroom antics live on ITV's This Morning.

After her sex confessions, Iris hopes to reunite with her lover since their last encounter which took place in December 2020.

Despite being thousands of miles away, the OAP told how the lovebirds talk on the phone or on Facebook every day.

Now on the pair's first wedding anniversary, she has spoken of the "heartbreak" for them as they've been kept apart.

If Mohamed isn't granted a visa it would be the "end of the world" says Iris, from Weston-Super-Mare in north Somerset.

She told The Sun that she talks about when they'll next meet and they should have a decision from the Home Office in November.

Iris said: "All the Home Office cares about is evidence of a relationship and we have plenty of that.

"They want proof he has somewhere to stay too and that's fine, I own my own bungalow.

"They are also interested in him having a good command of English. He's passed the required English test."

Iris added that the Home Office also cares about finances where you're required to have £64,000 for someone to come over.

But the gran, who has two sons in their 50s, insists their love is genuine and that she's not being scammed.

She admitted: "I know people think I'm a daft old biddy and he is taking advantage of me.

"I am not the sort of woman who can be scammed. And he's never asked for any money – we split all expenses 50/50."

The gran also admitted she loves shocking people after teasing their sex life to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield in January.

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She added: "So we can only do it lying down, with him on top of me. Otherwise it's very painful and I'll bruise.

"I teased Phil and Holly by saying we did it doggy style and the position we manage is a bit like that but not really – it's flatter."

The pair met on Facebook after her son signed her up where she joined a group of atheists that Mohamed was a member of.

Iris was impressed from the start so she flew to Cairo after five months of speaking online.

She even packed her wedding dress as she was confident it would all work out – and it did…

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