OMG! S’mores Oreos Might Return After Being MIA for 3 Years

Oreo strikes again! Hot off the release of brand new Most Stuf and Carrot Cake Oreos, Nabisco, the maker of America’s favorite cookie, is reportedly getting ready to release yet another flavor.

However, unlike the Oreo varieties that have debuted over the past few months, the latest creme-filled treat that’s expected to be released actually marks the return of an old favorite that hasn’t been seen in three years.

Per an Instagram account called The Junk Food Aisle Opens a New Window. , which is described as the place to find “everything new and exciting” in the snack world, S’mores Oreos will be making their triumphant return to supermarket shelves later this year. The cookie, which is rumored to be coming back this summer, will be a limited-edition flavor.

Unlike most Oreo varieties, the s’mores-flavored treats have the unique advantage of featuring two different types of creme filling. The confections feature “a graham-flavored cookie and layered marshmallow and chocolate flavor cremes,” The Junk Food Aisle notes.

Furthermore, while the 2019 cookie is said to taste exactly like the original version that was last sold three years ago, the packaging, which now features an actual s’more next to a smaller cookie modeled after the campfire snack, is getting “a cool new redesign.”

As far as Oreo flavors go, the s’mores version, which first debuted in May 2015, is one of the more beloved varieties. That’s why it’s no surprise that many (though not all) social media users were psyched to learn of the cookie’s return, especially after a prolonged absence. Check out some Twitter reactions below:

@Oreo would you please provide an update on when S’mores Oreos will be returning? They were amazing and I’m hoping you will bring them back soon!

I can’t believe there’s latte, s’mores and dark chocolate flavored oreos now. I’m never eating real food again

Whoever is on the @Oreo marketing team that decided to go with “S’mores Oreo” instead of “S’moreo” really missed a golden opportunity

S’mores Oreos? I’ll take it 

hey @Oreo bring back the s’mores oreos they’re the best ones you ever made

i know because i checked 

Hey ⁦⁦⁦@nabisco⁩ I think you missed the opportunity to call them “S’M’OREO’s”! 

Tell Us: Are you a fan of S’mores Oreos?

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