OnlyFans star defies trolls by buying lavish home after earning £35k a month

An OnlyFans star is refusing to let hateful keyboard warriors bring her down.

Morgan Doyne, from Barnsley, Yorkshire, is “proud of herself” for raking in a fortune on the adults only subscription site.

She’s making around £35,000 a month selling “glamour modelling” snaps to her legion of adoring fans.

And this income has allowed her to purchase her “dream car” – a shiny new £40,000 Ford Mustang.

The 24-year-old has also been able to purchase a five-bedroom, four bathroom house for £535,000.

Impressively, she paid a whopping 50% deposit by putting down £270,000 when buying the property a week ago.

The former chemistry and forensics student said: "I saw a girl I went to school with making some money from it and decided to give it a try.

"I never expected to make as much as I do but it took off so well that it's become my full time job.

"The first month I had no idea how to do it and I only made just over £70 but by three months in I was earning £7,000 a month and now it's a steady £35,000 a month.

"My content is just like glamour modelling, topless or in lingerie – I won't post anything without my pants on.

"It's so nice to not have to work for anyone because I've had some horrible bosses in the past and it means I can work when I want from home.”

Morgan continued: "I feel really lucky to be able to afford my dream house at this age and really proud of myself as well.

"I lived in the countryside with my parents and then moved to the city for a bit and never thought I'd be able to afford to have my own place in the countryside, especially not in such a nice area…

"I'm planning on turning the four extra bedrooms into a spare room, dressing room, office and a room to shoot content in with good lighting.

"I'm going to have a home gym in the garage as well so I can take on clients to PT from home and have that career take off too.

"My Volkswagen is an automatic and it's my everyday car and my Mustang is a fast, five litre manual, which I like to drive on nice days and at the weekends.

"I've not been to many places this year because of lockdown but I'm hoping to go on some road trips in it now everywhere is starting to open up."

The successful influencer believes those who troll her are just “jealous”.

She said: "It's usually men online that seem to have something to say and give me abuse. I don't know why they get so mad about it.

"They say 'what are you going to tell your kids when you have them and they grow up'.

"Some get really competitive and say 'I earn more than you, I have a degree, I went to university for my career’.”

Not only that, their hateful comments end up benefiting Morgan as they drive traffic to her page.

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She said: “It's funny really because the more comments I get the more attention my profile gets and the more people go to my Only Fans so they're just helping me make more money."

Morgan’s career is likely to go from strength to strength too.

She’s just hired two marketers to help promote her social media and OnlyFans pages.

The savvy model is also working “seven days a week from morning until night” to keep subscribers happy and income high.

Her future seems to be looking bright!

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