People Are Dressing Up as Famous Paintings While in Quarantine

Museums around the world may temporarily be closed to keep staff and visitors safe, but the Getty Museum in Los Angeles is proving you don't have to leave your home to see — or even be — a work of art. 

Last week, the museum put out a call on Twitter for people to recreate their favorite art pieces, using only the things they had in the house (since, of course, many of us have been asked to leave the house only for necessities). 

As it turns out, some people can do a LOT with just a few household items (and time stuck inside), because they really delivered.

Take, for example, this uncanny recreation of Joseph Ducreux's self-portrait, using a jacket and a towel.

Getty Art Recreations

Or this modern-day retelling of a Jean-Siméon Chardin still life.

And this creative take on Jacopo Pontormo's "Portrait of a Halberdier."

With some of us weeks into mandated social distancing at this point, it's heartening to know the time spent indoors has inspired people to be creative. Surely recreating-art-from-household-items is the latest stage in self-isolation?

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