People are just realising what Asda name stands for – and they’re baffled

Recently, people have been curious about household names of certain brands.

First it was ASOS, which means As Seen On Screen in case you were wondering.

And now, many are focusing on Asda, with some people wondering what the family-favourite supermarket's name actually means.

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Asda is one of the biggest supermarkets in the country, but do you know how it got its name? Well, it's all to do with a 1965 merger, according to The Mirror.

Brothers Peter and Fred Asquith were running a butcher's shop in Yorkshire but, after a trip to America, saw the potential for an 'under one roof' store, after visiting the Piggly Wiggly, possibly the world's first supermarket.

The brothers later wanted to expand, and so contacted Noel Stockdale at Associated Dairies, and thus the fantastic retail partnership was born on May 3 1965.

Therefore, ASquith and DAiries came together and the name ASDA was born.

People are still discovering the true meaning behind the name to this day, as newsreader Alastair Stewart tweeted: "Without Google, do you know what the name ASDA derives from?"

Someone wrote: "I don't know anything without Google, so no."

Another said: "No, sorry, but about 35 years ago I used to know what BEJAM stood for! It was all the initials of the owners/children, I think! We had to learn about the company to 'earn' stars on our name badges, like McDs!"

Some did know what it stood for though, and one woman gushed: "YES! I had a four-week summer job on George and they had a week's training about this!!!"

Another mentioned that it had come up in a quiz recently, so they'd learned the answer.

Did you know what Asda stood for? Let us know in the comments.

As well as gaining attention over its name, Asda also hit the headlines this week as one shopper at the supermarket expressed his shocked over some reduced label croissants.

The man was nearly charged £617 for the breakfast treats due to a scanning error.


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