People crazy for iPhone hack that lets you screenshot a full page

Little-known iPhone feature lets you screenshot an entire web page instead of a small portion

  • The relatively unknown feature lets you take screenshots of full articles
  • By selecting ‘full page’ after taking the screen shot users can save a whole article
  • It comes after it was discovered you can screenshot by tapping the back  

An iPhone feature that lets you screenshot an entire Safari web page at once has been shared on TikTok. 

The trick is so simple many iPhone have said they feel ’embarrassed’ they have never stumbled across it before.

To take a screenshot of a full page, including a comment thread, recipe or article simply open the link in Safari and screenshot the top of your chosen article.

An iPhone feature that lets you screenshot an entire Safari web page at once has been shared on TikTok 

Then open the screen shot by clicking the small picture on the left hand side.

This will open the page where the grab can be edited, up the top it will say ‘Screen’ and ‘Full Page’.

Select ‘Full Page’ and the whole page will be available, with an overview showing the length on the right hand side.

You can then edit, crop and mark the page before saving it as a PDF on your phone.   

The screenshot hack ‘works on any Apple device, but only in Safari’ according to one helpful tech-wiz.

‘What! I don’t have to screen shot 200 times to get the whole article? Thankyou so much!’ one woman wrote.

The whole article, or search page, can be seen on the right hand side once you select ‘Full Page’ in the screenshot edit function



 Step 1 – Open the article in Safari

Step 2 – Screenshot as normal

Step 3 – Open the screenshot 

 Step 4 – Click ‘Full Page’ up the top

Step 5 – Save the screenshot as a PDF 


 Step 1 – Go to ‘accessibility’ in settings

Step 2 – Go into the ‘touch’ setting

Step 3 – Choose ‘back tap’ 

 Step 4 – Select ‘screen shot’ 

Step 5 – Tap the back of your phone ‘near the Apple’ to screen shot new things 


‘I made an audible gasp when I realised what was happening here,’ another person said after watching the video. 

A recent iPhone hack showed how to screenshot by tapping the back of the iPhone instead of using the side buttons.

The little-known hack involves changing the settings to allow screen grabs to be taken quickly by simply double tapping the back of the phone.  

But the setting is only available on iPhone X and above with iOS 14.

The feature was revealed on both Facebook and TikTok where thousands raved about the new find. 

To activate the feature, click on ‘accessibility’ in settings followed by ‘touch’ before turning on the ‘back tap’ button.

Once the double or triple tap has been selected, click on the ‘screenshot’ option to complete the activation.

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