Perrie Edwards’ Disora clothing collection including £395 joggers sells out in 48 hours

Just days ago, Perrie Edwards launched her new brand Disora DS001 – and the exclusive collection has already sold out.

The Little Mix star announced her clothing range in early October, with fans going wild over the teaser clips shared on Instagram.

Disora officially launched on 30 October, and just two days later, the entire collection has sold out, excluding one pair of socks. Now that's what we call a fast turn around.

Perrie took to Instagram a week ago to share her excitement ahead of the launch.

She wrote: "Didn’t think it was possible to be anymore excited than I already am! Years in the making and my brand Disora is finally launching! Thank you to my Disora team for sending me my own PR chest, you b**ches are bad and boujee!"

Perrie's Little Mix bandmates were quick to share their excitement too, as Jade Thirlwall commented with a row of clapping emojis, while Leigh-Anne wrote: "So so proud of you."

Perrie's clothing range doesn't come cheap, with one of her branded hoodies selling for £120, while a leather jacket is £395.

The pricing caused debate on Twitter with some fans disappointed that many Little Mix devotees might not be able to afford the stylish garments.

One Twitter user wrote: "Mom: Why are you crying? Me: I can't afford Disora."

Another wrote: "Ok i knew disora was going to be expensive but not THAT expensive."

A third stated: "Me and my mixer friends when we saw the pricing of disora and realised we can’t afford it."

Others were quick to defend the price point though, with one fan writing: "Hi guys, i know a lot of us can’t afford disora, and that’s okay, but let’s not ruin the experience for people who can afford it and are excited or for perrie!!

"She has said it was luxury all along so we knew it would be expensive, but she’s so excited so seeing us talk."

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Another Perrie Edwards fan took to Twitter to point out: "Disora was never meant specifically for mixers. Perrie clearly stated it was a 'luxury brand' so don't feel pressured to buy it if u can't afford it.

"Instead pre-order [Little Mix's greatest hits album] Between Us…. that's an alternative way of supporting Perrie anyway…"

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