Playground dubbed ‘dullest’ in UK leaves people questioning its purpose

The youth of today are usually criticised for choosing to use technology rather than enjoy the freedoms of playing outside.

Gone are the days of streets filled with children running around the grass verge with a football and playing tag.

Parks were home to some of the best childhood memories, where tots would queue to go on the brightly coloured swings and slides.

But, a Reddit user has shared what they think is the ‘dullest’ playground in the UK – and by the looks of it the kids can’t be blamed for wanting to stay inside.

The play area in question consists of only one climbing frame installed outside a block of apartments.

Placed by itself, the yellow curved outdoor toy sits on concrete surrounded by wonky brick work.

And, the frame that only reaches a couple of feet would most likely only be enjoyed by one child at a time.

Fun, right?

Stunned at the very limited play area, many people fled to the comments to mock the single climbing frame.

One person chuckled: “Is this modern art?”

Another user questioned: “What the f*** are you supposed to do with that?”

Whilst a third person admitted: “There is something that really saddens me about this picture.”

Someone else voiced: “My GOD that's depressing.”

As a fifth person pointed out: “The most fun you could have with that is taking a photo of it and mocking it on Reddit.”

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