Plus size influencer says ‘beauty isn’t a size’ as she flaunts curves in undies

A plus size influencer has hit back at ‘fatphobic’ trolls as she declared ‘beauty has no size’.

Megan Kim,25, often posts body positive snaps to her 27,000 adoring Instagram followers – and is certainly no stranger to calling out issues fuller bodied women may face.

Previously, the brunette beauty slammed ‘thin privilege’ as she took a trip to River Island and found that the ‘biggest’ trousers wouldn’t fit.

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She spoke about how shopping can be difficult as larger sizes are often sparse when she heads out to the high-street.

This time, the pregnant influencer is calling out those who maliciously target larger framed women just purely because of their size.

Megan pointed out that women are often told that they have to be ‘thin’ to be seen as attractive and healthy – and she has had enough of this assumption.

To prove her point, the curvy stunner stripped down to her undies and posed on a bed – with her lovely baby bump on show.

As she smiled in the slightly see-through pink lacy lingerie, Megan wrote over the snap: “Beauty isn’t a size. Also neither is health – so f*** off.”

The mum-to-be penned a lengthy caption to further announce that size ‘does not matter’.

Megan urged: “Stop telling women that they have to be thin to be beautiful.

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“Stop telling women that they have to be thin to be healthy.”

She then reflected upon a time when she used to struggle with poor body image, Megan shared: “I myself have had to resort to unhealthy methods to be thin.

“Depriving my body of what it needs, smoking to suppress my appetite, forcing my body to move without fuel to maintain a calorie deficit. So no, I wasn’t f**ing healthy when I was thin. I am now.

“That’s not even considering how unhealthy my mental state was when I was trying to be thin.

“I never felt beautiful back then either – because I wasn’t small enough in the eyes of the world.”

Since she has embraced her body, curves and all, Megan is now confident within herself and feels a lot healthier.

“I like how I look now, and I treat my body and mind as best I can.

“My size doesn’t f*cking matter,” she expressed.

“Also no one even owes you health or beauty. That’s not your business. It doesn’t matter.

“Basically can all the fatphobic haters just take a day off and leave us alone. Cheers”, the pregnant babe demanded.

It seems like Megan’s post on calling out fatphobia has resonated with her followers as many rushed to the comments to praise the influencer for standing her ground.

One person commented: “Beautifully put. You look amazing!!!”

Another user added: “Girl you are GLOWING.”

Whilst a third fan praised: “You and your body are BEAUTIFUL.”

Someone else related: “All of this! People really don't understand when I explain how unhealthy and unhappy I was whenever I tried to force myself to be smaller. You worded it perfectly.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person voiced: “Well said, people leaving hate are only showing themselves up and it’s nothing on you.”


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