Police unable to find violent burglars because of peculiar reason

An investigation into a violent burglary has been shut down by police who couldn’t find the offenders – because they wore scarves.

CCTV footage captured four men kicking their way into a family home in Bedfont, Middlesex, last month, as two women cowered inside.

The gang, with scarves and hoods pulled over their heads, stole £1,000 in coins which had been saved for charity.

Despite the Metropolitan Police being given close-up images of the thugs, officers say there are "no identifiable suspects".

A spokesman for the force confirmed a probe into the incident had been closed.

But the victims of the violent burglary, which happened at around 10:30pm on January 17, claim officers failed to let them know the case had been shelved.

The 25-year-old victim, who asked not to be named, told MailOnline : "Nobody at the police has got in touch to say the investigation is closed which is quite surprising.

"I’m really disappointed the police have closed the investigation because I felt they could have done a lot more.

"When the officers came round we got the feeling that because nobody was hurt during the break-in they didn’t seem to treat it as serious as they should have done. 

"Not only was £1,000 in coins stolen but we spent £800 fitting a new door because the burglars smashed in the old one. We’re hoping to get the money back on the insurance."

The footage shows four men, one armed with a large screwdriver, breaking into the home.

One of the suspects said: "We’re all on camera," before they begin to smash through the door and another adds: "Kick it in."

The woman and another aged 21, escaped via a side door as the men made their way through their five-bedroom home, but they were confronted by two men outside while on the phone to police.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: "The investigation has now been closed, but can be re-opened should any additional evidence come to light.

"Any witnesses or anyone with any information is asked to call police on 101."

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