Poundland creates its own version of the 'Art Basel Banana' for a couple of quid

The entire art world has been dominated by discussions about bananas this week – all because of one controversial piece.

The installation in question was comprised of nothing more than a banana duct taped to a plain wall. And it sold for $120,000 (£91,000) from Art Basel Miami Beach on Friday.

That’s a lot of money for something you could do at home. So Poundland has come up with a way to create your own version – for the tiniest fraction of the price.

Posting the pictures on the company Facebook page, the alternative artistic creation is comprised of a plastic, ‘stress banana’ and a single strip of duct tape. With both items costing just £1.

So the entire thing can be bought and installed in your home for the low, low cost of £2.

Another added bonus is that the plastic banana won’t need replacing.

On the original masterpiece – by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan – buyers were advised that they would need to replace the banana when it started to rot and go brown. But that’s not an issue with the Poundland version.

‘You don’t need £90,000 for a banana and duct tape at Poundland,’ read the Facebook post, and customers jumped into the comments to show their appreciation for the innovative creation.

‘This, world gone crazy! £90k for a banana!’ said one incredulous poster.

‘It’s not very appealing,’ added another joker.

‘And he couldn’t have eaten this one,’ said another – referring to the controversy where a performance artist ripped the pricey piece of fruit off the wall and ate it.

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