Primark releases Harry Potter-themed bedding so you can have magical naps

When it comes to Harry Potter, there’s no shortage of merchandise to choose from.

From reusable polyjuice potion (water) bottles to scented candles to your own special wand, you can be a wizard any day of the week.

Thanks to Primark, you can now continue your Harry Potter obsession in your sleep, too.

The retailer has just launched a new range of bedding, themed to Hogwarts houses so you can show your allegiance.

Each set matches the colours and symbol of the house it represents.

The new line is arriving just in time for the week when children go back to school, which for Potter fans is also known as ‘Back to Hogwarts day’ (and always falls on 1 September).

‘Celebrate the day that students return to Hogwarts with our magical selection of #HarryPotter homeware,’ Primark wrote in a post on Instagram.

‘Which house will you choose?’

Potterheads will love the full set – which costs £14 – while the more discreet Hogwarts-fan can pick up a throw or a cushion, both of which cost £6 respectively.

Each cushion also features a message from the house – such as ‘dedication, patience, loyalty’ (Hufflepuff), ‘learning, wit, wisdom’ (Ravenclaw), ‘ambition, pride, cunning’ (obviously Slytherin) and ‘determination, courage, bravery’ (Gryffindor).

If the bedding isn’t enough, you can also pick up matching Harry Potter pyjamas for the whole family.

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