Prince Harry ‘stands up to Royal Family’ and ‘declares loyalty to Diana’ in new message

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Prince Harry, 36, and Meghan Markle, 39, have finally launched the website for their new non-profit organisation Archewell after the project faced delays amid the Covid-19 pandemic. On December 31 the couple released a statement on outlining their goals.

The statement is titled “A letter to 2021” and begins with the line: “I am my mother’s son.”

According to a language expert, Harry and Meghan’s new message to fans sees the Duke cement his status outside the Royal Family and declare his allegiance to his late mother Princess Diana.

Language expert and author Judi James analysed the Archewell statement for and said: “This might have been billed as a ‘letter’ but it isn’t.

“This emphatic message is designed and crafted as a Mission Statement, the kind of statement of intent and directional contract that large businesses were producing back in the eighties in a bid to engage and motivate customers and staff.”

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According to Judi, Meghan and Harry’s message uses language “intended to have maximum impact” and employs “inappropriate full stops and a poetry-style line-by-line structure” to add emphasis.

She added: “These Mission Statements were often printed up and hung framed on the wall and they were always formed from the same hollow statements as this one, usually about ‘Putting people first’ rather than explaining how that would be done or what it actually meant.

“They were complied in the same grammatical style, using short sentences with dramatic full-stops that had clearly been viewed as important and meaningful and which were intended to have maximum impact because they were so distilled and terse.

“Harry and Meghan have turned what might normally have been a couple of normal sentences into twelve here, using inappropriate full stops and a poetry-style line-by-line structure to let us know exactly how important each one of their musings is.”

Judi added: “The clipped style is all about emphasis. It demands to be read line by line to ensure we get each stand-alone one of their sentiments and statements.”

Judi claimed Harry breaks away from Meghan and “stands up by himself” in the first line of the new statement.

She added: “Which is why the first line is so very important. Harry stands up by himself here to tell us what, on the surface, we already knew.

“Telling us that he is his ‘mother’s son’ could be described as stating the obvious but by pinning it upfront in this clipped manner it sounds like something much more meaningful.”

According to Judi, Harry’s use of language could be interpreted as “a bid to inherit her popularity”.

She said: “Harry must have spent time creating this line and he must have understood the deeper implications of it.

“First there is the suggestion that Harry is the heir of Diana’s passion for compassion.

“He is presumably telling us in capsule form that he is the chip off the block, that what we saw in his mother’s behaviour and actions we should expect from him because he is motivated by the same values.

“It also sounds like a bid to inherit her popularity and the love people around the world had for her.”


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The expert also claimed the Archewell statement reflects Harry’s wish to align himself with Diana while acknowledging his distance from the rest of the Royal Family.

She said: “But this open declaration could also be read in other ways.

“Harry is the child of a very painful, divisive divorce and before Diana died there was a clear rift between her supporters and the Crown’s.

“Harry’s loyalty sounds obvious here and it seems telling that these words are pinned up in a form of high-emphasis isolation, making it sound as though he is picking up his mother’s banner from his power-base abroad.”

Judi added: “The photo he uses even shows him sitting high up on his mother’s shoulders and there is probably as much impact from the parent he leaves out of his mission statement as the one he references.

“The use of the word ‘I’ first and foremost also adds to the sense that this is a point Harry has been keen to make for a long time.

“He and Meghan normally tend to speak in the plural, using the word ‘We’ throughout their messages but here Harry sounds keen to start this statement to the world by defining himself in the singular and that makes this claim sound like a message to his family as well as to Archewell fans.”

The language analyst claimed that the message mellows out in tone as it moves onto Meghan’s perspective.

She said: “After this show-stopping declaration we move into less controversial Meghan and Harry togetherness territory, although there is another powerful nudge when Harry specifically picks out his mother as being the one showing him compassion and kindness.

“The use of the words ‘we have experienced…’ at the start of that phrase sounds telling.”

Judi claimed Harry’s wording hints he is still “the young boy mourning his mother.”

She said: “Harry seems to be referring to the kindness and compassion Diana showed to him as well as to the world, or he might have used the word ‘witnessed’ instead.

“There is a sense in these words that we are still looking at the young boy mourning his mother and the ‘kindness and compassion’ she gave him.”

Judi claimed the Archewell message can be taken as Harry and Meghan’s “rallying cry.”

She said: “The couple even refer to ‘fear, struggle and pain’ as though defining their own personal experiences.”

“After this shared experience of maternal love Harry and Meghan open their mission statement into a rallying cry.

“Two uses of the word ‘together’ form an invitation to join them in their quest.

“And then they let us know where we are all going if we do: with team Harry and Meghan we are going to …’ work to build a better world’ and, like most business mission statements, we are left with that objective rather than the specific actions to achieving it, which will presumably be made clear during their podcasts.”

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