Prince Philip needs to stop behaving like an arrogant, self-regarding arse

Prince Philip’s crash last week has reignited the issue about age limits.

He is 97 after all. And how old is too old?

Surely he should listen to those around him – including our Queen, his wife of 71 years – and stop.

Yes, stop behaving like an arrogant, self-regarding arse and start thinking about how his behaviour impacts on others. 

A nine-month-old baby, her mother and their friend Emma Fairweather could have been killed in that crash.

And yet he still refuses to apologise. And, to add insult to injury (a broken wrist in Emma’s case), Philip was back out driving again within hours of the crash – and without a seatbelt.

There is nothing surprising about Philip’s behaviour. Admittedly he has been a stalwart companion to our Queen but his attitude towards the rest of us has been one of irritation, condescension and arrogance.

And that, it seems, is behaviour with no age limit.

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