Prince William Ready To Be King? Inside His New Initiatives For The United Kingdom

Prince William has faced a lot of talk about becoming the next King of England, and his latest initiative for the United Kingdom might prove that he is finally ready to take the throne. William and his wife, Kate Middleton, just announced a new program that will start more conversations about mental health — a topic that is often avoided in professional and personal settings. While the new initiative is great, does it mean that William is ready for the challenges of being King?

Prince William and Kate Middleton praised for their work onmental health

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are no strangers to working with charitable organizations and raising awareness on topics that frequently go overlooked. Their program on promoting mental health awareness is in conjunction with The Football Association and came as a complete surprise by most royal watchers. Many fans believe the move is a sign that William is ready to take the throne and proves that he will be a great King one day.

According to Express,the new initiative is called Heads Up — The FA For All, and was confirmed byKensington Palace officials earlier this week. The goal of the program is touse the sport of football to start a conversation about mental health and thestruggles people face on a daily basis.

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"We will use our national game ⚽️ to spread the message that mental health isn’t a sad, difficult topic. It is just part of everyday life." — This Sunday’s FA Community Shield between Liverpool and Manchester City will kick-off the #HeadsUp campaign ? a season of activities aimed at driving the biggest ever conversation on mental health. Heads Up – launched by The Football Association and @heads_together, and spearheaded by The Duke of Cambridge – will harness the influence and popularity of football to help show the nation that we all have mental health, and it is just as important as physical health. The campaign will strive to raise awareness, spark conversation and signpost support for those in need. Take a look at out Story or visit the link in our bio to find out. If a fan wants immediate support ??? they can also text ‘HeadsUp’ to 85258 to connect with a trained @giveusashoutinsta crisis volunteer, who will chat to them by text message, sharing only what feels comfortable, and help them through the moment, working together on a a plan for longer-term support.

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Royal fans were quick to praise Prince William for entering the field of mental health, with some saying that his late mother, Princess Diana, would be very proud of his work. There is no telling if this proves that William is ready to be King, but it is certainly a step in the right direction.

“Wonderful initiative. Helping people talk about theirfeelings and speaking out on their mental health is the next step in making adifference,” one fan wrote on social media. “Great work. Your motherwould be so proud of the work you and your wife do, William. Keep up thefantastic work.”

When will Prince William become King?

William’s new program has got royal watchers wondering when he will take the throne. Once Queen Elizabeth is done with the crown, Prince Charles is next in line. At the age of 70, Charles has waited longer than anyone to sit on the throne and is fully expected to become King when his time comes.

There is no telling how long Charles will remain on the throne,as issues of health and old age could arise. If everything goes to plan, thereis a chance that Prince William will not inherit the crown until many yearshave passed. That, of course, could change rapidly if things do not go down asexpected.

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Congratulations ? to the incredible team of @giveusashoutinsta volunteers, who have now taken 100,000 text conversations – exchanging 4 million messages of support. In May this year The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and The Duke and Duchess of Sussex launched Shout ??? a new text messaging helpline that supports people in crisis. Shout operates 24/7 and connects people in need to trained volunteers who provide help at a time when it is most needed; enabling them to move from a moment of crisis to a calm state and form a plan for next steps to find longer-term support. ・・・ #Repost Our amazing #CrisisVolunteers have now taken 100,000 text conversations, exchanging 4 million messages of support with our texters. We're incredibly grateful to them for volunteering their time to help take people who are finding life overwhelming to a calmer place & help them find longer term support. • Life can feel overwhelming for so many reasons. Our Crisis Volunteers are there for you 24/7 & will talk to you about whatever is troubling you: stress, relationships, anxiety, loneliness, sexuality, bullying, self-harm, & depression. Text SHOUT to 85258. #GiveUsAShout #100kconversations #mentalhealth

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There has been a lot of talk that Charles will abdicate in favorof William because of his advanced age. This increases in likelihood the longerElizabeth sits on the throne. Although she is now in her 90s, Elizabeth isstill in great health and is showing no signs of slowing down. She hasdecreased her royal workload over the past decade, a move that has enabled herto remain active. Elizabeth is also unlikely to retire and will probably sit onthe throne until her death. There is also the issue of popularity to consider.

Given Charles’ scandals over the years, Prince William is morepopular than his father. In fact, many citizens are hoping that he will be Kingnext over Charles, though that is yet to be seen.

Charles, of course, has not said anything about abdicating.

Prince George is preparing to be King

While we wait to see what happens with Charles, Prince William has been preparing to become the King of England ever since he was a young boy. The same holds true for William’s oldest son, Prince George, who is currently third in line to the throne.

Inside sources, who chose to remain anonymous, claim that Prince William and Middleton are teaching George the qualities of being a king at the tender age of 6 years old.

While they want George to start thinking about being the King early, the Cambridges are taking his lessons slowly. After all, they do not want to overwhelm the young boy with too much information.

Prince William and Middleton have not commented about the rumors surrounding his future as King. The couple is currently getting ready to enjoy their summer vacation with George and their other two children, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

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