Prisoner’s Christmas Day menu at notorious HMP Dartmoor revealed

One of Britain’s most notorious prisons has today revealed its Christmas Day menu for lags – including roast turkey and all the trimmings.

But the Government stresses they come at "no extra cost to the taxpayer."

HMP Dartmoor, which has in the past held The Kray Twins, "the Acid bath" serial killer John Haigh and double-agent WW2 spy Arthur Owens, is offering prisoners a varied choice for Christmas lunch.

Options include roast turkey and stuffing, pork and apple sauce, salmon and broccoli parcels, chicken tandoori and pitta bread.

Sides include roast potatoes or egg fried rice, Brussels sprouts and baton carrots with rich brown gravy.

There are even choices for vegans and pescatarians, and halal meals will be on offer.

For dessert, there’s Christmas pudding and vanilla sauce, or a cheese and biscuit pack.

Various cheeses, puddings and mince-pies will be given to the 600 lags between meals.

The Ministry of Justice say meals in prisons over Christmas and New Year are paid for with remaining costs of existing budgets and come at ‘no extra cost to the taxpayer.’

They say: "The daily allowance for a prisoner is £2.02 per day.

"With increased responsibilities to Governors since April 2017, and devolved budgets to prisons, what is actually spent on food per prisoner per day, and the breakdown per meals, is ultimately a decision for each Governor and their catering team."

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