Quentin Tarantino allegedly forked over $10K to lick feet

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“Reservoir Piggies,” perhaps?

A strip club manager claims Quentin Tarantino once paid $10,000 to lick a lady’s feet til they looked like “prunes.”

In one of those edifying moments that the internet specializes in, a self-described lowlife from North California, who goes by NorCal Lowlife, has offered perhaps the most graphic depiction yet of QT’s fabled foot fetish.

Lowlife, also known as Page Rad, has apparently been some kind of senior staffer at Hollywood strip club Crazy Girls and appeared on a podcast called “Get in the Car” this week.

Lowlife alleged that the “Pulp Fiction” director visited the club (he didn’t reveal when) and requested a VIP room and the company of the dancer with the “biggest t–s; biggest ass” in the place.

Living up to his name, Lowlife says he went to a back room and watched the action on a CCTV monitor out of curiosity.

“He’s sitting down, she’s about to do her little… take her top off,” Lowlife said, “And he gets up, throws her on the f–king seat, takes her boots off one by one, both shoes, just starts licking the bottoms of her feet, sucking toes.”

Lowlife said that the Oscar-winning auteur went to market, so to speak, for about 30 minutes, and by the time he was done, “her feet looked like… you know when you take a bubble bath? Like prunes.”

He added, “I think he gave her 10 Gs.”

QT’s foot thing has long been something of an open-toed secret in Tarsaltown for more than a decade.

His movies are full of gratuitous foot shots, and in 2010 Uma Thurman even toasted him at a Friar’s Club roast honoring him by serving him champagne in her black velvet Loubs.

At the same event, Eli Roth – a star of Tarantino’s Nazi-hunter flick “Inglourious Basterds” – cracked a joke in just as poor taste as the podiatric Dom Perignon.

He quipped that the movie icon has a “bigger shoe collection than Dachau.”

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