Quit your job? We want to hear about how you did it

Let’s be honest, most of us have fantasised about quitting our jobs at one time or another.

And with burnout at a record high, inflexible working conditions, and the cost of living crisis sparking worries over pay, it’s no real shock.

The Big Quit, by Anniki Sommerville is a guide for those who want to change their relationship with work and need help deciding whether it’s time to go.

Anniki is encouraging people to realise what is and isn’t realistic in the workplace, and why that ‘dream job’ might just not be working out.

But what about the brave folks who have actually gone and thrown in the towel with their 9-to-5?

The Great Resignation has seen workers, especially millennials, leave their jobs in droves. If you’re one of them, we want to hear from you.

Maybe it was wildly unrealistic company expectations that pushed you over the edge, or maybe you just felt undervalued and underpaid.

But once you came to the decision it was time to go, how did you go about it?

Did you fire off a passive aggressive email? Have a screaming match with your boss? Walk out the office and never return?

However you told your boss you were moving on, we want to hear about it.

No matter how professional or how crazy, if you’ve got a job quitting story you want to share, head to our submissions page to tell us all about it.

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