Rachel Bilson and Nick Viall Admit to Faking Romantic Relationship: 'We Wanted the Attention'

"The O.C." alum Rachel Bilson also clarifies that she wasn't calling out any of her real exes when she said she hadn't experienced an orgasm until later in life.

Rachel Bilson made headlines when she explained that she’d never experienced an orgasm through penetrative sex until she was in her 30s. Now, the 41 year old is clarifying that it’s not a dig at any of her past relationships — and certainly not at Nick Viall.

That’s because it turns out the rumored romance between the former Bachelor and “The O.C.” star was basically just two friends trolling the internet. It never happened.

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According to Bilson the two were just “messing around.” Not in that way, but rather “with the internet.” The couple exchanged flirty messages back and forth on social media back in 2019, sparking online speculation about a possible romance.

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“No, Nick and I never dated,” Bilson clarified on “The Viall Files.” “We did troll the internet.” As Viall explained the two were “epically single and we wanted the attention.”

It was even possibly going to further than that, with the two friends — who’d only recently met when she appeared on his podcast — planning a collaboration project.

Viall explained they were planning an all-new podcast. “It was going to be called ‘Making Love with Nick and Rachel,'” he said. “I had an Instagram saved already for it. Then she got some gig and then she bailed on me.”

Bilson confirmed Viall’s story, saying the whole idea “was literally to get attention for the podcast.” She explained, “Okay, it’s a tease-up to what we’re doing.”

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It let Viall off the hook in relation to Bilson’s late orgasm comments. But she was quick to let any other men she’d been with off the hook, as well, insisting that it had nothing to do with any of them. “It had to do with me knowing my body,” she told Viall.

She wanted to set the record straight because her original comments had people combing through her dating history to try and deduce who might be terrible in the sack. They also poinpointed a joke she’d made last year about ex Bill Hader (who she dated in her 30s) where she said what she missed most was “his big d—“

“I am not okay with that,” said Bilson of the speculation about her past relationships, “because it had nothing to do with that.”

The actress also clarified that her lack of orgasm through that type of intimacy never actually negatively impacted her sex life, insisting “you can still have really good sex without it.”

She also promised that she never faked an orgasm, admitting that she’s had a habit of being a “people pleaser,” anyway, and so she tended to be more focused on making sure her guy was satisfied.

“As I’ve gotten older, I think I’ve gotten more vocal and more comfortable with being vocal about it.”

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