Rapper Berner Joins Cast of Indie Thriller ‘The Low End Theory,’ Will Compose Soundtrack (EXCLUSIVE)

Rapper and weed entrepreneur Berner has joined the cast of the upcoming indie thriller “The Low End Theory.”

Directed by Francisco Ordoñez, who co-wrote the script with lead actor Sofia Yepes, “The Low End Theory” is a neo-noir thriller about an aspiring hip hop producer who begins laundering money for a drug dealer. Berner will play a supporting role in the cast, in addition to executive producing and composing the soundtrack for the film.

“When I read this script it got me super excited. The music business, drug trafficking and money laundering, these are worlds I’ve often depicted in my music, and it all feels really authentic here,” Berner said in a statement. “Ultimately, seeing Latinos empowered is super dope to me. I think that’s something we need more of in the entertainment space for sure. We’re kind of always put in a box or categorized. It’s never really relatable stories like this.”

Berner has released 16 albums, several of which have reached Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. This will be his first time working on a film soundtrack. In addition, Berner is known for being active in the California cannabis trade market, through his brand “Cookies,” which has 50 retail stores in seven countries.

“The Low End Theory” is produced by Atomic Features. Yepes serves as lead producer of the film with Daniel Ragussis.

“Getting an artist and entrepreneur like Berner behind our film is a dream come true, on every level,” Ragussis said in a statement. “He is the total package—a creative force who will empower the artistic vision of the film, and a world-class marketer and promoter who will help ensure this movie reaches the audience it deserves, which is especially important considering the challenges the Latinx and LGBTQ+ communities have had in the past with getting their stories out there.”

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