Rare condition makes one twin almost twice the size of the other

A Birmingham mum has spoken about how her twins were born with a rare condition that meant one was almost double the size of the other.

At a 23 week scan, doctors realised identical twin boys Emmett and Sebastian Murphy were suffering from twin to twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS).

The condition occurs when one baby gets too much blood and nutrients from the shared placenta, while the other does not get enough. It’s a condition that is life-threatening to both babies.

Parents Lauren Murphy, 34, and dad James, 38, were warned by doctors that the chances of both boys surviving without treatment was less than 10%.

Mum Lauren said: ‘They told us we were at high risk of losing both the boys, especially Emmett. He had barely any amniotic fluid – because it was all going to Sebastian.’

The brave parents took action and mum Lauren went in for a C-section to try and save her babies.

Within three hours of the scan, the twins were delivered and rushed to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) – Sebastian weighing 3lb, while his brother Emmett was even tinier weighing in at just 1lb 9oz.

But that wasn’t the end of the boys’ battle. Both twins suffered bleeds on the brain and needed treatment.

Emmett took a turn for the worse and the parents were warned he may not survive the night.

13 weeks later, Sebastian was able to go home but his twin brother remained fighting for his life in hopsital.

Lauren recalled: ‘I was hysterical bringing Sebastian home – while I was thrilled he was doing well, it upset me that I couldn’t bring the boys home together.’

Thankfully, Emmett was finally able to go home to Sebasitan and their three older siblings Jack, 11, Abby, seven and Matilda, five, after seven months in hospital where he had 25 blood transfusions and recovered from sepsis three times.

The twins are now four years old and doing well. Though they both have medical conditions because of TTTS – Emmett has cerebral palsy and Sebastian has some behavioural difficulties – mum Lauren says they ‘never let anything stand in their way in life.’

What inspiring little boys.

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