‘Resolution much harder’: Meghan Markle and Harry’s Oprah interview created ‘a hardening’

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The interview, which was highly anticipated the world over, shocked and wowed viewers. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex discussed candidly their experience within the British Royal Family.

The couple made a number of claims about life within the Royal Family.

Among other claims, the Duchess of Sussex said a member of the family raised “concerns and conversations about how dark (her son Archie’s) skin might be when he’s born”.

Harry also told the public he had been cut off financially by his father Prince Charles, who he also claimed had stopped picking up his calls.

Relationship expert Neil Wilkie who is a psychotherapist, author of the Relationship Paradigm Series of Books and creator of online couples therapy, The Relationship Paradigm, spoke on the interview and the impact it might have had on the royal rift.

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He told Express.co.uk in an exclusive conversation: “Family rifts often have their roots in a small miscommunication or misunderstanding.

“Unless these are dealt with, they fester, grow and positions become hardened.

“The original cause may even be forgotten, what is remembered is that it was ‘all their fault’ and ‘it can never be resolved.’

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“It is even harder in the case of celebrities or the Royal Family because they are in the glare of publicity and disagreements make juicy TV or column inches.

“Expressing your family angst in front of millions of viewers or readers can only create a hardening of positions and makes resolution much harder when one side would have to publicly proclaim that they were wrong.”

The expert had a number of tips for the Duke and Duchess, or for anyone dealing with such a family rift.

He advised leaving a situation behind if a resolution could not be made.

Neil said: “If you can’t, take a break and come back face to face or by email and, if you have identified a negative quality in the other, look for and acknowledge that very quality in yourself.

“If you have identified a positive quality in yourself, look for that in the other and share these.

“This may help to break down barriers and realise that you are both similar.

“If this doesn’t work, accept that you tried and ensure you leave the door open to talking about this in the future.

“If this works, celebrate and agree on what you will do when you have disagreements in the future.

“Then leave it all behind and enjoy family life with your children.”

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