Restaurant launches challenge to see who can finish THREE KILO hotdog

Could you smash a THREE KILO snag? Hot dog restaurant challenges foodies to eat their monster metre-long sausage – and you only have 30 minutes to demolish it

  • An Australian restaurant has set the ultimate hotdog challenge for customers 
  • The task involves finishing a huge three kilogram hotdog in 30 minutes or less
  • If the challenge is complete customers will receive their money back 
  • They will also be placed on the wall of fame and receive a $50 voucher  

An Australian restaurant is challenging hungry customers to take on their 3kg hot dog.

Ninth Street, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, is serving the monstrous metre-long meal for $50 – but if you polish it off you get your money back.

Foodies who manage to munch the massive sausage – and two servings of chips – will also get a t-shirt, a $50 restaurant voucher and their picture on the restaurant’s hall of fame. 

But customers must complete the task in 30 minutes or less in order to win the prize.

An Australian restaurant is offering the ultimate challenge to see who will attempt to finish a three-kilogram hotdog. The hotdog seems to be topped with layers of tomato, cheese and sauces (pictured) 

The hot dog,, which comes topped with lashings of melted cheese, spring onions and tomato, is so huge that customers have to give the restaurant 24 hours’ notice of their order. 

After the restaurant published the new of the challenge on social media, eager customers flooded the comments by tagging friends and family members.  

‘I reckon you’d get this done in 20,’ one man said online and tagged a friend. 

Ninth Street in Queensland started serving the monstrous meal for $50, and if it’s finished customers will receive their money back, a t-shirt, $50 restaurant voucher for their next visit and will have their picture taken to be placed on the wall of fame

‘One kilogram maybe three kilos is beyond ridiculous,’ another said.

‘We know someone that could smash that no worries,’ a third added.

For those who aren’t keen on the mega food challenge, the restaurant also sells $9 regular hot dogs to enjoy. 

The restaurant is open every day between 11.30am and 8:30pm and also offers burgers, shakes and drinks. 

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