Revealed: The POLITE way to cancel plans this festive party season

Revealed: The POLITE way to cancel plans this party season according to experts at Vogue – and you CAN’T get away with doing it by text

  • Many of us are looking ahead to weeks packed with parties this festive season 
  • But it is easy to regret saying ‘yes’ to an invitation when the night rolls around
  • Seasoned party-goers at Vogue share advice on the best way to cancel plans
  • Includes the times when you must phone the host – and when a text is acceptable

With Christmas party season just around the corner, most calendars are now packed full of after-work drinks, long boozy lunches and nights out on the town. 

But while many of us have good intentions when we accept invitations, it can be easy to regret the initial enthusiasm once the day in question rolls around. 

Cancelling plans can be notoriously difficult to navigate but seasoned party-goers at British Vogue have released a five-step guide to make the whole process a little easier. 

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the best bits… 

Cancelling plans can be notoriously difficult to navigate but seasoned party-goers at British Vogue have released a five-step guide to make the whole process a little easier. Stock image

Think carefully before you accept

It can be tempting to go full-throttle with accepting invitations, particularly when they’re extended far in advance. 

However it is important to give some thought to how your overall week is likely to look and remember that you can only do so much. 

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Vogue journalist Hayley Maitland suggest leaving ‘at least two nights free every week’, adding: ‘Even the world’s bubbliest extroverts still need a moment to catch up on life admin.’

This also means you are likely to be on better form at the events you do attend. 

Timing is everything 

WhatsApp messages are an easy way to avoid awkward exchanges but they are simply not sufficient when cancelling plans last minute. Reach for the phone instead. Stock image

WhatsApp is the primary form of communication for many friendship groups but a quick message won’t cut it when it comes to bailing on plans last minute, Vogue warns. 

If you are meeting with a small group of people, phone each person to apologise for cancelling. For a larger group, phone the host and do the same.  

While last-minute cancellations can be tempting, if someone is already on their way to meet you then you are sadly too late.

Know your friend 

This is crucial to a cancellation being taken well. Think about how much effort the person you are meeting has put into the occasion – and socialising in general – and take this into account when deciding whether to bow out. 

If they are likely to have gone through extraordinary lengths to host a fabulous, festive affair then nothing but an airtight explanation will suffice.

If, on the other hand, they are laid back and are just as likely to cancel on you then you can perhaps rest a little easier. 

Be honest 

A white lie or feigning illness can be tempting but you owe it to your friend to tell the truth when it comes to why you’re calling things off. 

A good friend will understand if you are feeling under the weather, or simply overwhelmed. 

However Vogue points out there is a difference between genuinely needed some down time and simply feeling lazy.

‘If, on the other hand, you’re just desperate to put on sweatpants and rewatch the Sex And The City movie, you need to have a word with yourself and go out.

Make amends (and fast!)

A cancellation can leave a friend feeling a little bruised so be sure to make it up to them with a heartfelt apology first and foremost. 

‘Whether that means sending a bunch of peonies to their office, writing them a note on beautiful stationery, or treating them to a spa treatment as your next outing,’ writes Vogue. 

The next step is to rearrange plans. This can be done as soon as you cancel to show that you’re serious about seeing them.

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