‘RHOA’: Porsha Freaks Out After She Learns Kandi’s Spreading Rumors About Her BF Dennis

Remember all those rumors Kandi was spreading about Porsha’s boyfriend Dennis? Well, Porsha finally caught wind of them during the Dec. 2 episode of ‘RHOA’. Find out how she reacted, here!

Yikes! There was some major drama during the Dec. 2 episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, thanks to all the rumors Kandi was spreading about Porsha‘s new boyfriend Dennis. After weeks of hearing about how Dennis falls in love fast and often gets every girl’s name tattooed on him, Kandi finally shared the intel she learned with NeNe, Cynthia and Marlo. They all advised Kandi not to tell Porsha what she learned, but then one of them went behind Kandi’s back and told Porsha anyway. Everyone denied spilling the tea, but Kandi had good reason to believe it was NeNe. Anyway, Porsha wasn’t very happy with the news. In fact, Kandi learned that Porsha freaked out on Dennis before he went ahead and called of his exes to find out what sort of information they had been telling Kandi. And then, when Kandi met up with Porsha, Cynthia and NeNe for a random celebration about a future wine cellar (Cynthia’s), it was super awkward!

Even so, Porsha refused to acknowledge the pink elephant in the room, so Kandi was the one who brought everything up. She explained what she had heard and why she was concerned, but Porsha wasn’t having any of it. In fact, Porsha basically said there was nothing to worry about. Her exact words were: “People have sex with multiple people, and they care about them less.” Then, Porsha threw some major shade in her individual interview, when she said, “She should be too busy selling penises and butt plugs to be worried about what Dennis is doing.” Yikes!

“Am I supposed to take this as a good thing?” Porsha asked Kandi. And then, NeNe interjected by suggesting to Porsha that Kandi may have just been concerned, like they were with Cynthia and Will last year. And Porsha agreed that Kandi could have been, but she should have went to her directly with the information rather than spreading rumors amongst the group.

So is Dennis really a player? That’s yet to be determined, but Porsha doesn’t seem to think so. And she’s still happy and in love with the future father of her child.

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