‘RHOA’s Porsha Reveals Whether She’ll End Feud With NeNe & If Their Friendship Can Be Saved

Porsha Williams & NeNe Leakes were once the best of friends, but are no longer on speaking terms. The new mom EXCLUSIVELY spoke with HollywoodLife on the status of their friendship & revealed whether it’s fixable.

It seems like the whole world sent their best wishes to Porsha Williams, 37, after she gave birth, but apparently, NeNe Leakes, 51, was not one of them. HollywoodLife sat down with Porsha for an EXCLUSIVE interview where she told us that she hasn’t heard from her frenemy at all. “No, I have not. I haven’t heard from her at all,” she said when asked if they’ve spoken since having her baby, Pilar Jhena.

Of course, fans are dying to know whether the ladies’ broken friendship can be saved, but Porsha wasn’t exactly hopeful when asked about the possibility. “Not necessarily,” she replied. “Right now, I’m still concentrating on being a new mom and my fiancé. I haven’t really thought about it. When your busy like this as a new mom, you really appreciate the support that is shown to you. If someone’s not calling them, you’re really not thinking about them.”

Porsha and NeNe severed ties after a heated Real Housewives episode in December of 2018 when NeNe stuck her nose into personal details of Porsha’s then boyfriend, Dennis McKinley. Porsha was not having it, and the two co-stars were soon sparring on social media, and have taken endless jabs at one another. They allegedly got into a heated back-and-forth on Instagram with NeNe over a “fat-shaming” text Leakes sent her after the birth of her baby.

The reality star is understandably protective of her now fiancé. In the interview, she also spilled the details of what life has been like with him since they welcomed their baby girl. Porsha admitted that one thing in particular has changed. “I would have to say what my fiancé says all of the time time. He’s like, ‘the patience that you have now is incredible.’ You have to be so patient to be a mom. You are on that baby’s schedule and everything takes time, love and patience, so I feel like overall in all of our relationships, I’ve probably become more patient.” Only time will tell that this newfound patience will open the door for a reconciliation with NeNe.

Porsha is letting any drama slide off her back these days, and is hyper focused on being a great mom, as well as planning her wedding. “Now that we’ve gotten PJ into the world safe and sound, we are about to start planning this wedding which will be on New Year’s Eve,” she told HollywoodLife. “I’m super excited to start that!”

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