Rihanna went on day-drinking ‘prom date’ with Seth Meyers

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend!

Rihanna trades in “Work” for a little day-drinking with Seth Meyers. The pop mogul and “Late Night” talk-show host trade shots and advice during a buzz-worthy segment — shot at the Jane Hotel in the West Village — on Thursday night’s episode.

“This is what I call a prom date,” proclaims the Barbadian beauty, as the duo kick off the proceedings with tequila chased by a pint of beer.

Seth then whips up a few cocktails inspired by Rihanna’s greatest hits. “Under My Rumbrella,” made with rum, rum ice cream, and rum balls. “What’s a rum ball?” she asks. “It’s not … important,” he replies, as Rihanna samples (and winces at) Seth’s creation.

Next up: “We Found Veuve in a Hostess Place,” a bubbly Twinkie concoction, and “B— Better Have My Bunny,” tequila chugged out of a large, decapitated chocolate rabbit. For “Diamonds in the Rye,” Seth combines rye whiskey with Blue Diamond Almond Milk. “I don’t even like milk,” Rihanna laments. “It’s a milk alternative!” Seth reasons. “It’s a nut milk!” “What? Don’t you ever say that again,” Riri deadpans.

The happy hour also included a drinking game: Seth showed the fashion icon a series of past ensembles, and she had to guess where and when she rocked them. If she gets it right, he drinks. If she gets it wrong — bottom’s up. One thing’s for certain: Rihanna is the only girl in the world who can make “licking salt” look cool.

Ever the gracious bartender, Seth offers advice on anything Rihanna wanted. “If I quit music, what should I do?” she asks. “You should be a pilot!” he says. Seth then asks the sage songstress what he should do if he wants to “blow my wife away with a romantic night out.” “You said it,” she replies. “What?” asks a confused Seth. “Blow your wife away,” she responds, eliciting uproarious laughter from the inebriated pair. “Rihanna! This is a network television show!”

Seth then practices cheesy pickup lines on Riri to prove to his wife he still has game (spoiler alert: he doesn’t). He then gets a FENTY beauty makeover, and finally serenades Rihanna with an off-key rendition of “Work,” complete with dad moves.

And just when you thought Riri’s had enough, she demands more tequila: “Shots for the road!”

This isn’t the first time Seth has day-drunk with a celebrity. The recurring bit has also featured Kelly Clarkson and the Barefoot Contessa herself, Ina Garten.

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