Sarah Jessica Parker’s And Just Like That frizz-free curls are down to this £28 hair towel

While Sex and The City’s Carrie Bradshaw is mostly famed for her impeccable style, we also can’t stop swooning over her signature curly ‘do – and the show’s reboot And Just Like That is serving us plenty of hair envy.

In the new HBO TV series, Carrie, played again by Sarah Jessica Parker, has her curls out in full force. They’re healthy, bouncy and completely frizz-free. So what’s her secret?

In one scene, Carrie is spotted wearing the AQUIS Lisse Luxe Rapid Dry Hair Towel, £28 here a clever accessory that is so much more than a hair towel.

Designed to quickly draw water away from your hair, the towel takes your tresses from soaked to damp in half the time – and without any heat needed. The brand claims it also minimises frizz and damage caused by rubbing, wringing and blow drying, leaving your hair up to five times stronger than if you were to use traditional drying methods.

Carrie isn’t the only fan of this fast-drying towel. The product has received plenty of five star reviews on Revolve’s website, with many shoppers sharing glowing feedback.

“Expensive purchase really but I'm so glad I bought this – really cuts my hair drying time and it is great quality fabric,” one person says.

“I've had another Lisse Aquis hair towel on the go for around two decades and thought I'd buy another. This brand is unique and worth paying the extra for,” another writes.

A third customer writes: “After showering I religiously wrap my hair immediately after applying leave-in conditioner and bonding oil. I always noticed my ends being super dry with a reg towel and just thought that was normal. After now using this towel my ends are hydrated and hair dries healthy and shining.”

One happy shopper dubs it a “game-changer”, while another adds: “I love these towels. Particularly good if you have curly hair. Highly recommend.”

For those tempted to invest in this Carrie-approved hair towel, you’ll be pleased to know that you can select from three gorgeous colours: White, Desert Rose and Cloudy Berry.

As well as stepping up her hair game, the SATC character has debuted some amazing makeup looks on the show’s reboot.

Back in December, SJP’s makeup artist Elaine Offers shared some of the products she used on Carrie in each episode, which included brands like Milk Makeup and Tom Ford.

One surprisingly affordable product included on the list (well, for Carrie’s expensive tastes!) was Milk Makeup Mini Lip & Cheek,£16.50 here– and we can see why the actress was a fan. It’s blendable, dewy and can be used to create a rosy, youthful blush and a matching lip shade.

If they’re good enough for Carrie, these items are going straight in our basket.

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