Say hello to the podcast equivalent of Secret Diary Of A Call Girl

Let Buffy and Heaven take you behind the scenes at a London stripclub via their utterly engrossing new podcast, Strippers In The Attic. 

We’re all doing a lot more walking nowadays, so we’re in desperate need of some new podcast material.

Thankfully, Strippers In The Attic is 100% here to oblige.

“Everything you think you know about this world has probably been gleaned from music videos, bad TV, and incredibly terrible films,” promises the teaser.

“But in order to really understand this industry? Well, that’s something you can only do by taking the time to get to know us.”

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Described as a “podcast for seasoned professionals and stripclub virgins alike,” the six-part series is hosted by strippers Buffy and Heaven (who are, as you may have guessed from the title, recording from their London-based attic).

And the BFFs – who have worked together everywhere from the East End to Las Vegas – have made it their business to delve deep into their pasts in order to share their most outrageous stories. 

“Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at a strip club?” reads the official synopsis for Strippers In The Attic.

“How it feels for a new girl to audition? Why dancers need ‘pleasers’ and punters have nicknames? What the difference is between a ‘whale’ and a ‘captain save-a-ho’?

“Well, wonder no longer.”

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Essentially, this podcast (much like Hustlers and The Secret Diary Of A Call Girl before it) offers listeners a backstage pass into a world they probably know very little about.

But don’t worry, because it’s not all eyebrow-raising tales of misbehaviour and VIP room secrets: Buffy and Heaven also make it their business to pay homage to their enduring friendship, too.

And, more importantly, they take the time to shine a light on the darker side of their jobs: think money troubles, plastic surgery, and personal grooming demands, to name just three.

The result of all this? Well, you get the sort of boundary-pushing podcast that a) is utterly engrossing, and b) makes it feel as if you’ve sat down for a glass of wine with two of your frankest, funniest, and most shame-free friends (aka the Samanthas of your Sex And The City circle).

Strippers In The Attic launches on Apple and Spotify on 3 December.

It will run for six weeks, taking you right through Christmas and the New Year, right up to 14 January 2021.

You can listen to the teaser here. 

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