Scorpio season: Three star signs will feel the effects the most – will yours?

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Scorpio season falls between October 23 and November 21. It’s all about strengthening relationships and ticking off those to-do-lists.
Taurus, Capricorn, and of course Scorpio will feel the effects of this season the most. 

What advice can they follow to flourish this Scorpio season rather than flounder?

Scorpio, first and foremost, will be affected by its own season.

But, in the best possible way. explained: “With so much planetary energy packed into your solar first house, you are in your power.’

This month you even have the power to influence others. added: “Our cosmic messenger shows that you have your wits about you and are able to persuade others to support your vision.”

Scorpio, November is your time to get things done.

Beware of forces at play on November 19, as a major change will occur in your relationships – bringing you closer to someone you align with, or further away from someone you do not.

There’s very good news for Capricorn this month.

In fact, predicts they will feel “positively euphoric”.

Many will try to reach Capricorn this month, so be prepared to be flooded with “texts, invitations, and messages from many well-wishers in your network”.

Lucky Capricorn!

Taurus, November is also a hugely defining month for you. said: “November significantly spotlights your relationships as well as ushers in a newfound eclipse cycle that rapidly shifts your destined path.”

November 19 resonates with you, much like Scorpio, and it will either propel you towards victory – or if you are not on the right path, a “significant shock” in the form of ending or revelation.

Be aware of your feelings and leanings especially on this day.

November promises great success and triumph to these three signs.

But they must also be prepared for some dramatic realisations.

May they enjoy the intensity of Scorpio season.

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