See How Ariana Grande Covered Up Another Pete Davidson Tattoo

Though their relationship lasted but five months, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson managed to amass a truly impressive array of matching and coordinating tattoos. There was a cloud for each of them, the acronym “H2GKMO,” an abbreviation of Grande’s apparent catchphrase “Honest to God, knock me out,” a set of rabbit ears (behind Davidson’s ear) and a cursive “Pete” (on Grande’s finger), the French phrase “mille tendresse” from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the number 8418, in honor of Davidson’s late firefighter dad, the word “reborn,” and a sketched portrait of their pet pig, Piggy Smalls (on Davidson’s torso).

Since their split, they’ve gone about systematically disguising the ink. “I’m f—ing zero for two,” Davidson joked of his tattoos during a stand-up performance in October. Davidson turned the ears into a black heart (with a tiny “a” next to it); Grande followed suit to cover up his name after simply putting a bandage over it to perform during NBC’s live Wicked Halloween special. (There’s no better way to cover up some matching art than getting matching cover-up tattoos.) Also gone is Grande’s “reborn,” which she turned into a delicate vine along her thumb. And now, Grande has transformed yet another couple’s tattoo—as seen in a behind-the-scenes video for her new video, “Thank U, Next” (a track that was, in some ways, inspired by their split), she recently had the number 8418 turned into the name Myron.

Who is this new man Myron, you ask? In fact, he is a pitbull mix who was adopted by Mac Miller last year and whom Grande maybe adopted and has definitely been taking care of and hanging out with since the rapper’s death earlier this year. And Grande, judging by the “Thank U, Next” outtakes, really, really wants everyone to see her new tattoo. “Look at my Myron!” she asks, leaning down to point out the fresh ink on her ankle. (It sounds kind of like an odd euphemism: "Look at my Myron!") “Guys, look, how cool, right?” Very cool.

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