See the Emotional Moment Family Reunites with Missing Cat, One Month After Losing Their Home in Camp Fire

The Werblow family needed some good news.

Residents of Paradise, California, the family of four lost the home they were renting in the devastating Camp Fire that tore through northern California in November, destroying 13,972 residences and killing 85 people, according to Cal Fire.

According to a GoFundMe page set up for the family, the Werblows had little time to evacuate. Courtney Werblow lost all of the equipment for her small business in the blaze, and she, her husband Mark and two children — Lowell, 10, and Ellie, 6 — left the house with little of their personal belongings. Since the family was still in the process of getting renter’s insurance, they will not receive insurance money to cover what was lost.

Worse yet, the family could not locate their cat Timber ahead of the evacuation. The feline was staying with Courtney’s parents, who also lost their home to the Camp Fire.

Finally, the Werblow family’s luck changed. On Dec. 8, exactly one month after the Camp Fire forced the crew to evacuate, Courtney was searching for Timber on the property of her parents’ former home  — now just a pile of burnt materials — when she spotted a familiar figure: Timber!

The overjoyed pet owner managed to capture the entire reunion on video. In the clip, the cat is off in the distance when Courtney excitedly starts to call her name. After shaking some food and sweetly calling to her “baby girl,” Courtney gets the lost cat to run up to her.

“You look so good!” Courtney tells the pet, who does look healthy and alert after spending a month in the charred landscape alone. “Hi, baby! We’re right here.”

“You made it,” the owner adds between tearful breathes.

Since reuniting with Timber, Courtney has posted the video of the moment to Facebook and YouTube with the title “NEVER LOSE HOPE.”

“After so much loss, this is a testimony of endurance, strength, and love,” Courtney wrote in the description of the YouTube video, which now has more than 61,000 views.

The Werblows are not the only family to find a pet that went missing during the Camp Fire: another Paradise pet owner recently returned to the site of her former home to find her missing dog, Madison, guarding the burnt remains.

To learn more about the Werblow family and how to help them rebuild following the Camp Fire, visit their GoFundMe page.

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