Serena Williams’ New Photo With Her Daughter Celebrates Working Parents In The Sweetest Way

Whether you’re a tennis fan or not, Serena Williams was on everyone’s minds this year. She dominated in her field of tennis, per usual, but she also overcame a lot too, and she’s celebrating the end of the year with a super sweet Instagram post. Serena William’s photo with her daughter celebrates working parents and looks forward to 2019 in a way only the tennis champ can. It’s inspiring and at the same time certainly relatable for many other parents out there today.

This past year, Williams returned to the tennis courts as a new mom after revealing that she went through traumatic pregnancy and delivery. She was the victim of many racist comments surrounding one of her biggest matches at the US Open in September, and she slayed at the royal wedding in May. After such an eventful 2018, it’s no wonder that Williams is looking forward to what 2019 will bring her and her family. In an Instagram photo posted on Dec. 31, New Year’s Eve, she shared an intimate look at what she does as a pro-athlete and a mother. "As I head into next year it’s not about what we can do it’s what we MUST do as working moms and working dads," she wrote. "Anything is possible."

The photos, taken before a match, show a tired Olympia cuddling with her mom, as the pro-athlete stretches. Williams wrote:

As Olympia snuggles in her mom’s neck, Williams literally balances her work and home life; holding onto her daughter while also focusing on preparing for her match and stretching her legs in both of the pictures shared. In her caption,. Williams went on to commend fellow parents for all that they do for their children, writing,

Williams’ celebration of working parents and stay at home parents comes at a time when Olympia is just starting to be a regular at her mother’s tennis matches. At a recent tennis match in Abu Dhabi that pit Williams against her sister Venus Williams, Olympia stole the show, clapping for both her mother and her aunt while watching the ball go back and forth on the court.

“That’s a classy baby, you know, she applauds both Mommy and my opponent who happened to be her auntie," Serena Williams told Sport360 about the video. "That was the highlight, seeing her clap, it was so cute."

Serena Williams has a lot of great parenting advice; not just from this one Instagram post. On top of applauding parents that work hard for their kids, she has also advocated for self-care when being a parent, saying "a baby is like a plane.” As The Undefeated reported, she explained, “When you’re in the plane, the people tell you to put on your mask first before helping the person beside you. And I realized I wasn’t putting on my mask first. I was constantly putting on — I was putting on her mask. It’s a hard thing to process. I’m still learning that.” And that self care no doubt includes putting effort into her career, even if it sometimes takes away from time spent with her daughter.

Between being a great pro-tennis player and also an amazing first-time mom, Serena Williams is busy. But if her Instagram post is any indication, she’s more than happy to continue to conquer both jobs in 2019 and beyond.

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