Sex with my football coach is so good, I can’t stop — but he’s 38 with a family – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I AM having an affair with the coach of the women’s football team I’m in. He’s married and I know it is wrong – but the sex is so good I can’t stop.

I have always loved football. I was in the girls’ team at secondary school and I never want to stop playing. I now play for our local women’s team.

We were not doing too well but then we got a new coach last year and he is brilliant. We all like him and our game has just got better and better.

We train twice a week and I got talking to our coach after training one evening eight months ago. He walked back to my car with me.

I leant over to give him a hug and next thing we were kissing.

We ended up having sex on the back seat of my car. It was fantastic.

I am 19 and have had boyfriends before, but nobody like him. He is 38 and married with two small children.

We have been having an affair ever since but it is not only about sex, we talk about anything and everything.

We managed to get a weekend away together last month. He told his wife he was going to a work conference and booked us into a lovely country hotel.

We had long walks during the day, romantic meals in the evening and wonderful nights together.

It was fantastic to spend all day and all night with him. We could not keep our hands off each other and the sex was out of this world. Neither of us wanted to return home. I am falling in love with him but he has never mentioned a future together.

I don’t want to ask him in case he finishes with me.

It just feels so right when I am with him. It is like we were meant to be together but I have no idea what to do about it.


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DEIDRE SAYS: I am sorry but this man has no intention of having any kind of future with you.

You have been having an affair with him for eight months and he has made no mention of that at all.

At the moment he has the luxury of his wife waiting for him at home and you available for when he wants you.

He also has two small children, which makes it even less likely that he will ever leave his marriage.

You are young and deserve to be with someone who will put you before anyone else, but it is not this man. For him, you are just his guilty secret.

You know it is wrong but your feelings are entangled with him. It may not be easy to finish with him but that would be best for you.

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