‘Shadowhunters’ Scoop: EPs Reveal Clary & Jace’s Love Will ‘Shine Through’ Amid Struggles & More

The final season of ‘Shadowhunters’ has arrived, and showrunners Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer spilled major scoop on Clace, Sizzy, the impact of a magic-less Magnus, and more.

Shadowhunters picks up with the second half of its third and final season on Feb. 25. The season 3A finale was jaw-dropping from start to finish. The finale moments revealed that Clary was gone, and Simon told Jace that he had killed her. Well, we all know that Clary is alive, but Simon doesn’t know that yet. Simon is going to be really struggling with what he thinks he did in the premiere. “I think the guilt is eating him up inside, and he wants nothing more than to get rid of it at any cost,” Todd told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY.

The same can be said for Jace, who was possessed by The Owl, thanks to Lilith, for the majority of last season. “We’ve seen Jace go through a lot of low points, but this might be his deepest cavern that he’s been in yet because all of what went down at the end of the last 3 episodes,” Darren said. “Even though it wasn’t really his fault, he feels now complicit in all of that. That’s going to drive him to see what he can do to make it right.”

While it doesn’t look good for Clace at the moment, Todd promises fans that these last 10 episodes will be full of epic Clace moments: “There’s a lot of obstacles because Clary’s going through a lot, as Jace did in the previous season, but the good news for Clace fans is that they will finally be able to rejoice. After all this struggle, we definitely allow their love to shine through, and even during this struggle I think people are really going to enjoy it. There’s a lot of beautiful moments between them, a lot of really romantic stuff ahead, even though it’s clouded in issues. This is Shadowhunters. It wouldn’t be Shadowhunters if there wasn’t issues. But at the end of the day, their love is really strong, and I feel the audience is going to feel it every step of the way.”

Season 3A will also introduce the real Jonathan Morgenstern, played by Luke Baines. “The previous version of Jonathan that we saw was Sebastian Verlac, and he was in the skin of Sebastian Verlac. Will Tudor did an amazing job with that,” Darren continued. “Now we see him with that facade taken off, and we see the vulnerable, sad, and yearning side of that character and what dark paths that could lead him on.” Todd added: “Luke Baines is outstanding. He brings great nuance and great detail to the character that I think is amazing.”

Another major change is a magic-less Magnus. He gave up his powers to save Jace, and this loss is definitely going to impact him and Malec in the final episodes. “So much of Magnus’s identity for such a long time goes hand in hand with him having magic. The adjustment that he goes through, he has a really optimistic approach to it, but deep down it’s something that’s one of the biggest challenges he’s had to go through,” Darren teased.

There are so many incredible fandoms on the show, and one of them is Sizzy. Todd revealed that Simon and Izzy’s dynamic will be a focus this season, so Sizzy fans can rejoice! “As we promised, it takes time to make it feel earned and real and deserved. This season, on an emotional level between those two characters, we really see the evolution,” he said. “It starts in episode 12 in a really, really exciting way, and it slowly builds. But it’s not without complications. He has a girlfriend, Maya, and she’s got her own issues, and I think we explore in a really real, grounded way. So when it does pay off, the audience will feel like they’ve been on the ride, and it’s been a great ride and they didn’t miss anything.” Shadowhunters airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on Freeform.

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