Shay Mitchell Reveals She Experienced a Miscarriage in 2018

As 2018 drew to a close, many celebrities took to Instagram to celebrate the year's highlights and look ahead to 2019. While Shay Mitchell joined in, posting photos of her "amazing" year and her glamorous stints as "Shayoncé" and "Shay-Lo," she also didn't shy away from opening up about the hardships she experienced throughout the year. In a series of posts on her Instagram Story on Tuesday, she revealed to her followers that she miscarried in 2018 and implored them to show more empathy and compassion for others both on and off Instagram.

"We all have to deal with various struggles and challenges in life. And sometimes it's easier to only showcase the good times on social media, which is what leads many people to criticize it for its lack of authenticity," Mitchell, 31, began in one post, which followed a photo of an ultrasound image captioned with a broken-heart emoji. "Having so many people follow me on Instagram and read my posts is both incredibly humbling and hugely uplifting. The support and affection that so many of you show me lifts me up during even my darkest days, one of which happened last year after I miscarried and lost the child of my hopes and dreams."

She continued, "In the spirit of the new year, I think that we need to remember that we are all on this journey together—in good times and in bad—and to remind ourselves that we seldom really know or understand the struggles and hardships that other people are going through. So, for 2019, let's all try to be a little more compassionate, empathetic, patient and thoughtful with each other. This sounds like a great resolution to me. I hope that you agree."

Mitchell seemed optimistic about what 2019 has in store for her: Several days before New Year's Day, she wrote on Instagram that she was already "leaping into 2019," and on Tuesday, she tweeted, "Here we go 2019, I am so, so ready for you." She rang in the new year in Tokyo, where she visited the teamLab Borderless digital-art museum. "Starting off 2019 in a highlighter pink dress sooooo nothing has really changed yet from 2018," she captioned a series of photos of her posing in the museum.

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