Shopper left red-faced when her PLT top leaves her breasts exposed

‘I expected better from you, PrettyLittleThing!’ Red-faced shopper discovers the artfully distressed £5 top she bought online reveals a LOT more than she bargained for

  • Lucy Anderson-Roberts purchased a black slashed crop top for £5 online  
  • Tried it on to find that the slashes in the top left her nipples exposed 
  • Says that she saw the funny side but has been put off shopping there 

A shopper was left red-faced after a top she bought left her nipples exposed. 

Lucy Anderson-Roberts had bought the black cropped top from the online fashion site, Pretty Little Thing, hoping it would go nicely with some high waisted trousers. 

But the 27-year-old got a shock when she tried the £5 t-shirt on, as the slashes in it left her breasts exposed after Lucy thought they would fall across her midriff as advertised on the retailer’s website. 

Lucy, from Bath, Somerset, said: ‘I saw it in the sale a while ago and thought it would go great with a pair of high waisted trousers I have. 

Lucy Anderson-Roberts was left red faced when a top she ordered from online retailer Pretty Little Thing left her breasts exposed 

Lucy had expected the slash detail to fall around her midriff as it had been advertised on the website (seen here on the model)

‘Before I’d put it on I noticed that it wasn’t quite right. The gaps weren’t in the right place. I thought there was no way that’s going to fall below my boob. 

‘I tried it on anyway and took a photo to send to my boyfriend. We were cracking up about it. 

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‘I thought it was really funny but it does need to be raised because it’s a bit annoying that I can’t wear the top. 

‘I was a bit gutted about that. It’s meant to be a crop top style with that extra detail going along the middle area. It’s a size 12 as well.’ 

The implementation manager said when she went to message Pretty Little Thing online she saw customers had had similar issues with other products. 

Lucy (pictured) says that she has been put off shopping at the store and plans to send the top back

While both Lucy and her boyfriend saw the funny side, she admits that the situation was ‘annoying’ as she had planned to wear it with high-waisted trousers

Lucy says that she believes that the products are mass-produced and are not to the same standard seen on the models. Pictured: The product shot online

Lucy said: ‘It made me think when the items are mass produced it’s not to the same standard as the one the model’s wearing. 

‘I wasn’t massively annoyed about it. It wouldn’t put me off shopping there but I am planning to send it back. 

‘I saw the funny side of it and sent the picture to my friends covering up my nipples with emojis. 

‘My friends and boyfriend had a giggle about it.’ 

A spokeswoman for Pretty Little Thing said: ‘Should Lucy get in contact with our customer service team, which she hasn’t so far, we will process a refund, and it’s not something we’ll be restocking.’ 

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