‘Shows up stereotypes’ Kate Middleton ‘more than capable’ for military role

Prince Andrew stripped of military titles and royal patronages

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Kate Middleton is reportedly the first choice by the Grenadier Guards to be their new colonel. The role was formerly held by Prince Andrew. If the Duchess of Cambridge was chosen for the role, she would be the first appointed female colonel in the regiment’s 366-year history.

Royal commentator Russell Myers appeared on Lorraine on Monday morning to discuss the news that Kate could be chosen to fill the role.

A senior source in the Grenadier Guards told The Times: “From straw polling through the ranks, they would all love it to be Kate.

“We all admire the way she has fitted in and behaved, she never seems to put a foot wrong.”

A body language expert, Judi James, spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about whether Kate would be the right person for the job.

She claimed: “If Kate is the choice of the Grenadier Guards for their new appointed colonel it shows up all the stereotypical assumptions that a guard will be male with purely alpha male leadership tendencies like superior physical strength and an experience of battle.

“Kate will be the inspirational choice of someone who is loyal to the crown and the country and beyond reproach in terms of her behaviour.

“Apart from the Queen, Kate is currently one of the most popular royals.

“Any visit from her would be a guaranteed, uplifting joy as well as a good PR exercise.

“For troops who need a figurehead they can be unashamedly proud of Kate as she, more anyone else, fits the bill.

“As far as Kate it concerned, the appointment could be the perfect seal of approval for the way her profile and her confidence have been growing over the past few years.”

As Kate would be the first female to ever hold the position, Judi explored the questions some commentators have asked about the Duchess being ‘strong enough’ for the role.

She continued: “Is Kate strong enough?

“Her emotional strength and her ability to make the right choices in life rather than being led into scandal and controversy show that she is more than strong enough.

“Unlike some of the royals by birth, she seems to understand both the job and the responsibilities that go with it.

“There is also a growing firmness about Kate that we have only really been shown since William’s rift with Harry and Prince Philip’s death.

“Kate has quietly taken charge on several occasions.

“In between the charming smiles and laughter, she is also capable of performing a pursed lip gesture.

“This suggests she is more than capable of moments of firm leadership.

“She is physically tough and competitive.

“The Duchess is also a good ambassador for what it now a career choice for men and women.”

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