Size 24 woman has tummy tuck to become ‘perfect size 10’ – but is happier bigger

A woman has revealed she underwent tummy tuck surgery to become happier with her body.

However, although it left her as the 'perfect size 10', it didn't fix her body issues.

Leah Jane, 39, said that when she woke up after going under the knife for the first time aged 23 for her tummy tuck, she was ecstatic.

The marketing consultant from West Sussex, had been left with excess skin after losing nine stone as a teenager and couldn’t wait to enjoy her new body.

However, she found that she experienced the opposite effect – being left fed up and craving more surgery after the operation.

This led Leah to spend tens of thousands of pounds on surgery through a series of five invasive operations, which she says still didn't make her happy or confident.

She now shared her body confidence struggles with her 60,000+ followers on Instagram and TikTok.

Talking to her followers on social media, she wrote: “Not enough people talk about the work you have to do (mentally) to be happy with your body.

“I understand when people message me and say, I’ve had that surgery that you’ve had and I still hate my body’.”

And Leah isn't alone, with many surgeons saying they see a trend of women returning for more cosmetic work after initially going in for one tweak.

She warned fans that surgery may fix your body temporarily, but it doesn't fix your life or body confidence.

According to The Sun, she said: “The beauty standards we are held to change all the time, which means the 'ideal' body shape and size will do too. If you are having surgery just for that reason, I think it can be quite dangerous. Why is it going to make you happier?

“If you are doing it to be more attractive to men, that is quite a dangerous line to go down.

“If you are having surgery to make yourself feel good mentally, it’s not going to work.”

Leah is now a size 14 to 16 and over the past 18 months she has started to regain some body confidence.

She said: “I’ve had a lot of therapy for what I’ve gone through. I started following body confidence accounts on social media, which helped.

“We can control our own thoughts and it’s not an easy thing to change but it is possible and you can learn to not hate your body.

“That’s why I’m an advocate for body acceptance. Being smaller doesn’t automatically equal being happier."

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