SNL Star Melissa Villaseñor Likes & Replies to Tweets Blasting NBC Show Over Her Screen Time

"thanks foo i agree"

“Saturday Night Live” star Melissa Villaseñor is weighing in on her lack of screen time in recent episodes of the NBC sketch comedy series.

Villaseñor made her “SNL” debut in 2016 as a featured player. She was promoted to a repertory player in 2018, becoming the first Latina to do so. However, fans have noticed the 34-year-old comedian hasn’t been featured as often on the show lately — and Villaseñor is sharing her thoughts.

Over the weekend, Villaseñor liked several tweets and responded to a few fans who voiced their disappointment that she apparently hasn’t received as much screentime as her fellow cast members.

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On Sunday, sportswriter Jon Weisman wrote, “After a long absence, I started watching @nbcsnl again a few years ago because my son really likes it, and they do a good job overall. But the show’s treatment of @melissavcomedy is simply galling, and given her great talent, has seemingly become open disdain. I can’t stand it.”

Villaseñor liked Weisman’s tweet and replied to him, writing, “thanks foo i agree haha.”

On Saturday, she also responded to another fan who shared that they were looking forward to watching Villaseñor on Saturday night’s episode. Villaseñor tweeted in reply, “sorry i aint in episode much but used to it its all good. trusting my journey.”

Among the other posts the NBC star liked was a tweet from a user who called Villaseñor “one of the most talented, yet underrated and underused cast members in SNL history.”

In another tweet, a fan wrote, “I don’t appreciate the severe lack of @melissavcomedy on SNL. I love you and I miss you Melissa,” another fan tweeted, “It is outrageous. @DollyParton is everywhere lately with her best seller book (and album) Run Rose Run – Melissa could do her Dolly again! Or any of her other amazing impressions.”

TooFab has reached out to “SNL” for comment.

See more of the tweets Villaseñor liked, below.

Meanwhile, on Monday, Villaseñor took to Twitter to express her gratitude to her fans, thanking them for their support.

“man i love my fans! thanks for stickin by me,” she wrote, before revealing that she’s going to be releasing a book this fall. “planning a book tour and let me know where ya want me to go!. (yes my book will be out this fall! with my art work and funny activities).”

According to Newsweek, in May 2021, Villaseñor shared — and then later deleted — an Instagram post, in which she allegedly revealed she wasn’t “coming back to SNL next year,” saying that she “deserve[d] better.”

Villaseñor further elaborated on the subject of whether or not she was coming back for Season 47 of “SNL.”

“I don’t know, OK? I don’t even know what tomorrow is,” she reportedly said the time. “And my ego got too cocky and was like, ‘I deserve better.’

“But, I already have better all around me and I hate that I did that because I look back at my journey at SNL and I’m, like, ‘Man, I’ve done some really incredible things.'”

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