Sonic movie trailer savagely trolled by fans as they blast hedgehog's weird design and bizarre TEETH

WE all remember playing Sonic as a kid – but if the reaction to the upcoming movie is anything to go by maybe it should have been left in the past.

The trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog was released yesterday – and it was absolutely panned by fans.


The film is the latest in a line of video games that have been transferred to the silver screen.

But if Twitter is any indication that wasn't a good thing.

Fans are trolling the two-minute and 46-second clip over everything from the music (Coolio's Gangsta's Paradise), Sonic's design and even the famous hedgehog's weird TEETH.

The trailer went live on Paramount's official YouTube channel and has already had over 13million views.

But the number of thumbs down – 292,000 of them – is far outweighing its 189,000 likes.

And by far the biggest gripe was the appearance of the old Sega favourite.


One fan said: "Sonic doesn’t look like sonic, and nothing in the movie relates to the game."

While another added: "How can the people making this film not look at the design of sonic and just laugh."

The new, furry Sonic completely different to the sleek original.

And people were comparing the new design of the rodent to a range of other notable characters.

One person on Twitter compared Sonic to the Cat in the Hat, while another joked that he looked like the monkey child from 1995 film Jumanji.

But other fans were far more concerned about another design flaw – Sonic's very strangely human teeth.

One fan simply said: "WHY ARE HIS TEETH SO HUMAN."

Another added: "Good morning to absolutely everyone and everything other than live action Sonic the Hedgehog’s creepy human teeth xx."

A third wrote: "Why are Sonic the Hedgehog's teeth better than mine."

Some fans even posted their own attempts at improving the design of the famous video game character on Twitter.

One wag even joked that Pete Doherty had fallen victim to the trailer, after the rocker was rushed to hospital this week following a hedgehog injury.

The saving grace for the film may be Jim Carrey, with fans praising the actor who plays villain Dr Robotnik.

The first Sonic game, Sonic the Hedgehog, was a 2D platformer released on the Sega Genesis console in 1991.

Since then, the series has spawned dozens of titles, making the leap from home consoles to handhelds and mobile.

The most recent title was Sonic Forces on the PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

The Sonic series is one of the world's biggest gaming franchises, with more than 140million games sold.

Sonic the Hedgehog is released in cinemas later this year on November 8.

Therapist: Sonic with human teeth isn't real, he can't hurt you

Sonic with human teeth:

Simply changing Sonic's eyes makes the character model look ten times more appealing! #SonicMovie

While I have the same reservations as everyone about the character design in the #SonicMovie , I gotta say I was surprised and happy to see the old-school Jim Carrey back on screen!

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