Sophie Wessex body language ‘similar to Queen’ while Kate Middleton ‘less comfortable’

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Sophie, Countess of Wessex, 56, and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, 39, have continued their royal work throughout the coronavirus pandemic and shone at a variety of engagements over the past year. Both the Queen’s daughters-in-law provide vital support to the crown but have very different mannerisms.

Body language expert and author Judi James has analysed a selection of recent photos of Kate and Sophie and highlighted their contrasting approaches.

According to the analyst, Sophie’s charm seems to mirror that of the Queen while Kate is more reserved.

Judi told “Both women have charisma but it is a very different style of charisma and presence.

“Sophie’s non-verbal signals are more similar to the Queen’s in terms of powerful levels of calm confidence, experience and stoicism.”

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Judi added: “The Queen and Sophie’s body language is often mirrored and their bouts of eye contact are intense enough to suggest genuine, easy-going friendship.

“The Queen’s wide smile and excited eye expression when she meets Sophie signal genuine delight, even when the pair are social distancing.

“Their conversations look like chats and even at formal events, Sophie’s attentive but unfussy body language makes her look like the ideal companion.

“Despite public scrutiny, both the Queen and Sophie look comfortable in their own skin and untroubled by any ambitious thoughts about the way they look.

The analyst added: “Their approach to fashion and image appears practical rather than competitive.”

Judi goes as far as to claim that Sophie would be the ideal Royal Family member to take over from the Queen when the time comes.

The expert said: “If someone looks like they could slip confidently and seamlessly into the role of Queen after Elizabeth that someone would have to be Sophie.”

Judi claimed that Sophie acts as a “royal buffer” between the Queen and younger members of the monarchy.


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Referring to a photo of Sophie at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s final engagement as royals last year, the analyst said: “She has already been seen taking on the Queen’s role of royal buffer and motivator with the next generation of royals.

“Watching her signals of quiet wariness and watchfulness as she sat chatting, laughing and smiling to break the palpable and almost unbearable tension between the Cambridges and the Sussex’s on their last public outing together before Megxit must have provided some relief for the Queen that the Firm has its own ‘safe pair of hands’.”

While Kate is not without considerable charm, Judi claims the duchess’s charisma hinges on her “elegance.”

The expert said: “Kate’s charisma is more defined by her stardust and her fashion-plate elegance.”

Judi added: “Although both she and Sophie have a taste for country-style clothing it is Kate who does designer for formal royal occasions with show-stopping flair.

“Her body language rituals show increasing levels of confidence but she never does ‘comfortable and relaxed’ in the same way as Sophie.

“While Sophie will often settle back with her hands clasped in front of her torso like the Queen, Kate tends to either have her arms straight to her sides or her hands ready to gesticulate.

“She seems to put in a lot of conscientious effort to look and behave perfectly and has a great hit-rate at achieving that.

 “The shared traits between the two women tend to be a sense of inner firmness and even steel beneath the often self-effacing exteriors that make them both have strong leadership potential.

“It’s the men in the royal family who show the signals of inner anxiety teamed with haughtiness and who can also reveal symptoms of reluctance when it comes to public events, sometimes making it look more like a duty than a pleasure.

“Both Kate and Sophie provide the perfect balance for this, wearing upbeat, pitch-perfect smiles and using eye-gaze and checking signals with their men to offer reassurance and morale-boosting support.”

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