Straight eyebrows ‘lift the face’ – expert on how to achieve the look

The ‘straight brow’ is currently trending on social media with 11.6 billion views on TikTok. Bella Hadid and Florence Pugh are currently sporting straight eyebrows, but there is an art to recreating the style at home as many are overplucking or shaving the tail ends of their brows to create a straight brow that they believe gives their face a lift. Brow Expert, and CEO of Rubis Tweezers, Fides Baldesberger, spoke about the trend and the youthful illusion it leaves.

Fides said: “Whilst straight eyebrows may be seen as a new trend, it’s actually a brow shape that has been around for decades. Audrey Hepburn’s signature eyebrow shape was a fluffy, thick brow with an elongated tail that would straighten her brow rather than arch it.

“It might give people flashbacks of 90’s over plucked brows, but for many faces shapes this straight brow can suit them really well. For those with round, oval, or heart face shapes this brow style can balance features.

“In many cases, people can let their brow tails overgrow, which leads to a downturned eye look that overpowers the face and creates an imbalance of features.

“Shaving the tails even a bit, or totally off like these TikTok videos can bring back balance to the face.

“This is what people might be seeing as their face being lifted from the lack of a brow tail, but it’s really just their eyes having more balance and space to show off their shape,” she explained.

“Straight brows can lift the face but this needs to be paired with a brow shape that is already somewhat edging upwards, like Bella Hadid’s. Her eyebrows are placed above her natural brow bone and go upwards to give that lifted look. With or without a tail they’d look lifted.”

If you’re looking to lift your face by changing the shape of your eyebrows, Fides shared her tips: “It’s important to understand that brow hairs can take anywhere between two to six months to fully grow back and that you should use a brow serum so that they can grow back healthy, even if you do like your new look.

“Make sure your skin is properly cleansed, including your brow hair area, before plucking or shaving the tails.

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“What you can do is draw with your brow pencil/pomade where you plan on cutting off the brow.

“Look properly at the brow shape you’ve drawn both close up and from further away and see if you still want to go through with it,” she advised.

“You can also test it out a few times by using a spoolie with concealer to cover up the tails of your brows before fully committing to the look.

“You can also do this instead of shaving your tails, and instead use a brow gel to lift your brow hairs up and then conceal the tails rather than shaving.”

The expert added: “Knowing when to stop is key for this look. What you don’t want to do is continue shaving or plucking, look up and see half your eyebrow has gone.

“If you plan on doing this, keep the shaving or plucking to the part of your brow tail that creates the downturned look. That will just be the last quarter of your eyebrow.”

“When you’re ready take a clean pair of tweezers or a clean dermaplane facial hair shaving tool.

“Hold the skin area taut and start from the bottom of your tail and work your way up.

“Take breaks as you remove a little bit off at a time, and step away from the close-up mirror you might be using and have a look at your brows from afar, and then carry on as you need to,” Fides advised.

“If you’re plucking, use a mix of classic slanted tweezers, and pointer tweezers as these will target fine hairs which occur more on the tails, as well as plucking them directly from the root, and targeting shorter stubble hairs that will regrow.

“Pointer tweezers will also be great as you get closer to the main part of your brow where you’ll be carefully selecting the brow hairs that don’t fit with your new straight brow look.”

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