Subway customer slammed after MEASURING her sub with a tape measure

Subway customer slammed as ‘pathetic’ after measuring her sub with tape and complaining it’s an inch short – but others are on her side

  • Subway customer angry over 6-Inch sub
  • Claims she only got a five-inch sandwich

A Subway customer has been slammed as ‘pathetic’ after complaining her freshly made sandwich was an inch short.

The woman was suspicious about the length of her ‘6-Inch sub’ on her last visit to the store so decided to measure it up for size.

And she was right, the sandwich measured just over five inches when she got it home, making her furious.

‘Come on Subway, you need to up your game if you’re going to be charging extra,’ she fumed.

‘Usually I wouldn’t really care but I was super hungry today,’ she added.

A young woman has been left furious after receiving a ‘five-inch sub’ 

She took a picture of the shortened sandwich sitting next to her tape measure as evidence but many Subway fans told her she had gone too far.

‘It looks like it would have been six inches but is a bit shriveled, it can do that when you microwave it,’ one woman said. 

‘I’m sorry you missed out on the extra two mouthfuls,’ another said, cruelly. 

‘Do you think the extra inch would’ve filled you up?’ questioned another.

The angry customer added that she got ‘one less piece of salami and pepperoni’ than she usually got on the sandwich, because it was an inch shorter.

‘My sister managed a Subway for years, this is not standard,’ she complained. 

Despite being slammed as pathetic over her rant some people were on her side.

‘We’ve all been disappointed when promised six inches and it comes up short,’ one woman said.

‘Post this on their page. That’s actual bullsh*t. The price of everything is going up and they are subtly ripping us off with quality and size,’ another woman suggested. 

Others joked they have ‘always wanted to measure the subs’.

‘I will have to take my ruler next time,’ one woman said.

‘I am going to take a whole toolbelt,’ giggled another. 

Daily Mail Australia reached out to Subway but didn’t receive an immediate response.

The woman complained she could have done with the extra inch and was still hungry

Some people, invested in the sandwich saga, brought up the Subway lawsuit – which featured an angry customer suing the fast food giant over the size of its sandwiches.

The case was settled for $525,000, and Subway made some disclosures on their website about the length variations of their product.

The court found ‘as a practical matter, the length of the bread does not affect the quantity of food the customer receives’.

Evidence suggested that every bread roll arrives to the store the same size and shape – then it is thawed, stretched and baked which could make it change shape slightly.

They argued the average footlong roll was 12 inches or longer and the ones that were undersize were smaller by less than a quarter of an inch.  

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